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Welcome to Grey's Anatomy Insider's Caption Contest - now in its 125th straight week.

This week's Caption Contest - the first of Season Five - got a ton of terrific responses.

But there can be only one winner, and we've chosen katie_robinson06. Congratulations!

Thank you to all for playing and for always visiting our Grey's Anatomy fan site!


Owen: So?
Derek: So?
Owen: So?
Cristina: This is seriously entertaining.
Calllie: Seriously?
Cristina: Seriously.

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Derek" so you're the new mcdreamy?"
Military doc" Yes and taller too!"


Derek: "Are you insulting my hair?"
Christina: "Oh no, big army dude is going down!"
Callie: "I don't know, big army dude is kinda tall... and buff... and totally hard core!"
Christina: "Yeah, there is that."


Derek "Didn't you speak with a Scottish accent last time we met?" Owen "So"


Hunt: So whatever happened to Hannah?
Derek: Oh I ditched her when I found out Meredith is love of my life. Ok, that was bad, I am aware of that


Derek: You may have constructed an O.R in the middle of the desert...I'm the one who made Meredith Grey build us a house of candles !!!


derek: don't come in here and act like you own the place(snaps fingers while saying this) hunt: if you would have pushed out your butt a little more, that would have been perfect!


Derek: I bet mines bigger


christina: thinking: i really hope they don't start making out, hes MCmine.


Derek: His scruff is almost as manly as mine!
Owen: How does he get his hair that dreamy?
Callie: Oh my god. I haven't even started making McNicknames for the new hot doctor. I really must be gay.
Cristina: You might not be the only one. (points at Derek and Owen making googly eyes at each other)


Derek: back off buddy! meredith is mine!
Owen: So?

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