Luke Perry is Seriously, Truly Not Coming Back to 90210

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Crazier things have happened, but Luke Perry is making it very clear that he will not be returning to 90210.

When pressed on the issue by Entertainment Tonight, the man that made Dylan McKay famous said he appreciated his experience on Beverly Hills 90210, but that it was time to move on:

"We put a lot of hard work into it and so did the writers and directors. When shows take off and become a part of the American psyche like that, there is a time when it is happening that you are resentful, because you had no idea it could get that big. But when you stop and look at the whole picture of your life, from that perspective, I am very proud of it.

It was fun. It gives you a neat relationship to the American public. It puts you on a closer basis with all kinds of people; the world could use a little more of that."

We'll certainly keep you apprised if Perry changes his mind.

Fans can maybe get excited about Tori Spelling coming back to 90210, at least.

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I really think luke should think about coming back and think how much fun they had back then he made dylan mckay a great surf dude and luke perry who plays dylan mckay is my fav out of both 90210's so plez plez i hope luke changes his mind later an have dylan mckay be a father to sammie. and like he said you cant put these people behind you there like family


So if Luke Perry has denied returning to 90210, will Sammy's real dad please step forward? How and why would the writer's make Dylan the father if Luke Perry's so adamant about not returning. This is where the story line can get really twisted and gain even more loyal fans. Americans love and live for the drama!! Bring it on 90210!!! I agree with much as I love seeing the girls from the old cast, we really need to see the guys too. It seems to me that the boys are a little full of them selves (speaking of Luke P and Ian Z.) For those two to say they are absolutely not returning to 90210, them seem a bit egotistical and unappreciative! Honestly, if it were not for 90210, who would know of Luke or Ian? Hmm, I wonder! Don't forget where you come from - that's all I am saying. Be a little respectful of the 90210 empire that Aaron Spelling created and built in the 90's and give the fans what they want. Basically: Get over yourselves and re-join the 90210 family, especially since you have nothing else going on right now in your life!
~ I ♥ 90210 ; )


this is not good news if dylan doesn't come back, they need him to keep the ratings up. i love to see the old girls on the show, but it's not same without the boys!! somebody serious need to protest this



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