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I read this article and posted a response on Shonda Rhimes' blog. Here's what I wrote:

"Please tell me the rumor of Melissa George breaking up Callica isn't true! Shonda, you've made tremendous strides getting the public to accept (or begin to accept) their relationship only cause it to crash in a downward spiral. I can't stress enough how detrimental this will be to The Cause.

PLEASE reconsider. If anything allow for Melissa George to be a test of their fidelity to one another and prove that women can be involved in committed, lasting relationships. All other portrayals of female relationships are finite and volatile-just look at The L Word. Writers search for conflict and plot but fail to realize they're contributing to a stigma and stereotypes that women can't be committed for anything more than a few dates.

You're making this too involved for the public to maintain believability. These two women are acknowledging who they are, have yet to discern what's going on, and yet will chase after another woman? There comes a time when ideas become farfetched

I've been loyal from season 1--through the prosperous times and tumultuous times--but destroying something that benefits the Gay/Lesbian/Bi community of the United States because you're enamored by an actress will certainly strip me of my allegiance. I'm begging you, don't do it! Develop the relationship of Callie and Erica, add the twists if you need numbers and ratings, but don't inaccurately portray the reality of the Gay community because you wield a powerful pen."


If she breaks Callie and Erica up I'll be absolutely sick! Where's the petition to keep Callica? Shonda, NO!


sorry.. I meant if they WANT any new characters ^^


c'mooon! in the season premiere callie said she turned lesbian especially for erica and vice-versa... and now they're lusting after female interns? makes no sence! and besides, if any new characters, they should be looking for someone to play the new ob/gyn attending(I want an ob/gyn attending so badly!)


Ahhh I love Melissa George, loved her in Alias (though wasnt a fan of her characters hook-up) but she will rock in this!


Oooh No! Please Shonda, give a chance to Callica first!


Ah lads come on - will you at least let Callica get off the ground before you bring in someone to ruin it. I mean I love Melissa George dont get me wrong - I remember her as Angel in Home & Away. But I want to see much more of Brooke & Sara together - they are brilliant!!


oh come on!! i love calica, Callie and Erica i hope you know !! lol !! ya, 2nd and 3rd season are the past! it is 5th season! even though i loved her!! oh well!!
love alawys Syd


We do not need more people. Let Callie and Erica be happy and concentrate on the cast you do have before they all get fed up and leave!!!


gosh! just bring back the 2nd and 3rd season cast and everithing will be just fine

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