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Happy Monday to Grey's Anatomy fans everywhere. Below are some of the most memorable Grey's Anatomy quotes from last Thursday's season premiere, "Dream a Little Dream of Me," an episode full of so many great lines and conversations. Two hours' worth, in fact!

Follow the jump for many more - and feel free to leave a comment with some of your favorites if we're missing them (just try to be as accurate as possible) and we will add them to our growing library (the Internet's largest) of Grey's Anatomy quotes ...

Callie: I guess this makes us virgins, doesn't it.
Erica: I guess in a way it does!
Callie: Vir-gins. Hey, we can be scared together!
Erica: Kinda virgins. And we can be scared together.

Alex: Did she tell you that I cried? Because THAT is a lie.

Meredith: [narrating] Once upon a time, happier ever after. The stories we tell are the stuff of dreams. Fairy tales don't come true. Reality is much stormier. Much murkier. Much scarier.

Working Overtime
Richard: Am I to understand you stole these traumas from Mercy West.
Miranda: I don't know what'cha talkin' about.
Richard: Good job. 'Cause now it's personal.

Richard: With a pen!? You trach'd this guy with an ink pen?
Owen: So?
Cristina: Pen? Trach? Hot!

Izzie: See? I told you I would show you my dress.
Denny: You look better than a bride.

Cristina: I think you and Derek will make it. You will make it work.
Meredith: Are you just telling me what I wanna hear?
Cristina: I'm your person. I am on your side.

Callie: I'm not an experimenter. I don't like to experiment.
Erica: Oh.
Callie: Then you showed up and we did it together and... the experiment was kind of a success!
Erica: Oh... oh!
Callie: Look, I've never done this before. I've never kissed a girl. I'm not sure I even like kissing girls. I don't, actually, like kissing girls. I like kissing one girl. You.
Erica: I don't have anything to compare it to. You're the only woman I've ever kissed.

Meredith: If I'm going to do this, and be whole and healthy and be a warm, gooey person who lives with a boy... then I need you on board. I need you to cheer me on. Because you're the only one who knows me. Darkly. Really knows me. I need you to pretend that I can do this even if you don't believe. Because if you abandon me now, I will never make it, and I will never get my happy ending and that's just...
Cristina: Life.
Meredith: I'm saying please here.

Cristina: Mer, why do you care what I think?
Meredith: Because you're my person!

Meredith: I'm sorry about chasing Alex.
Izzie: I forgive you.

Cristina: What do you see?
Intern #1: Hmm. It kinda looks like it's hitting nothing?
Cristina: Oh, it looks like it's hitting nothing. Because it's hitting nothing!
Intern #2: What does that mean?
Cristina: What does that mean, what does that mean?! Don't you know how to read an X-ray?

Lexie: Were you in love with her?
George: I thought I was? I was scared to admit it but I did not that she, uh, did not like me that way, and... I did it anyway. I shouldn't have, because, besides just being... so selfish, to try to make her want me that way, I just ...

George: Like I said I made a lot of mistakes last year, but I'm trying to get back on track, and I gotta do it by myself, so...
Lexie: The only reason I wanted to help is that, um, I... I feel like you and I are more than just ... roommates.
George: We are more than just roommates.
Lexie: We are?
George: Yeah we're friends ... I mean right now I'd probably say you're one of my best friends.

Cristina: I... I... don't even know you.
Owen: So?

Richard: I also heard a story that you constructed an O.R. table from an exploded Humvee in the middle of the desert, is that true?
Owen: Well, you have to be innovative in the middle of the desert.
Richard: You have to be innovative everywhere. How would you like a job, Dr. Hunt?
Owen: I... appreciate the offer, but I have to go back to the sand pit. Finish my tour.

Owen: You'd be good in the field. You've got this battle scar, you'd fit right in.
Cristina: Yeah, right ...
Owen: I'm serious. You should ditch this place. Go for the adventure. You telling me this place gives you a rush? A high?
Cristina: [pauses] Yeah ...

Lexie: What if he doesn't like me back?
Mark: He's an idiot.

Mark: You're never at a loss for words with your patients. You never hesitate to tell me how you feel. So why not tell O'Malley.
Lexie: You are the last person who should be giving romantic advice.
Mark: When I like somebody I make sure they know it. Life's too short to live any other way.

Rose: I'm sorry about the hand.
Derek: These things happen.
Rose: Not to me they don't. Or they didn't, before you existed for me.

Rose: I'm carrying your child, Derek.

Miranda: Dr. Karev. What time is it?
Alex: Tomorrow. His insurance expired.

Lexie: [to patient] It happens. People make mistakes. They ... sleep with the wrong person and ... they hide it but, if you ask me, it's the part that comes after that matters. The part where you make it right. And I think you're off to a good start.

Meredith: [narrating] Reality. It's so much more interesting than living happily ever after.

Richard: The surgical training protocol is officially being changed, people. The bar has been raised. Consider yourselves on notice.

Richard: We're sloppy, just like everybody else. We've been resting on our laurels. You have all been failing. Failing to take initiative. Failing to ask tough questions. Failing to practice your skills. Failing to give opportunity TO practice skills. And I let it happen. So you have not failed. We have failed. Well, it stops, and it stops now.

Meredith: [narrating] We all remember the bed time stories of our childhood. The shoe fit Cinderella, the frog was turned into a prince, sleeping beauty was awakened with a kiss. Once upon a time and then they lived happily ever after. Fairy tales. The stuff of dreams. the problem is, fairy tales don't come true. It's the other stories. The ones that start in dark and stormy nights and end in the unspeakable. The nightmares always seem to become the reality.

Meredith: What happened!?
Cristina: A bus in front of him hit a telephone pole. He tried to swerve and miss it, but ...
Meredith: How bad is it?
Richard: Meredith -
Cristina: Meredith, you're gonna have to be strong.

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Anna Loomis: When you spend your life with someone and you have kids together, you think it'll always be this amazing, and this wonderful. You think that you'll always feel that kind of love and I do, I do love Phil. I just... well little pieces of you get chipped away by another person and then you shave little pieces of yourself away so you'll fit together and then one day you look up and you don't even know who you are.


Patient: What happened? where am I ? Alex: You're on a spaceship, you're going to the moon. Enjoy the ride.


These are awesome. Thanks so much everyone - we added them!


* Bailey xD


Baily: I have a dream, Yang... That one day a trauma, will come throught these doors.... I have a dream. cristina: I share that dream... xD


Not strictly a quote, but props for the Byrn Christopher song and this video full of great Grey's moments. Maybe this will help people get through the missing week.


Meredith: [voiceover] We all remember the bedtime stories of our childhoods. The shoe fit cinderella, the frog turns into a prince, sleeping beauty is awakened with a kiss. Once upon a time and then they lived happily ever after. Fairytales, the stuff of dreams. The problem is fairytales don't come true. It's the other stories, the ones that begin with dark and stormy nights and end in the unspeakable. It's the nightmares that always seem to become reality.
Meredith: What happened?[about Derek] Cristina: A bus in front of him hit a telephone pole, he tried to swerve to miss it but... Meredith: HOW BAD IS IT? Richard: Meredith... Cristina: Meredith you're gonna have to be strong. Meredith: Derek!... No, no, no... NO! NO! DEREK!!!!!! NO ho ho ho ho ooh... NO! Der...e...e..k.... No ho ho ho.... [crying out to Derek as he's pronounced dead.]
Meredith: [voiceover] The person that invented the phrase happily ever after should have his ass kicked so hard!
Meredith: So i keep having that dream, the Derek is dead dream. [to Cristina] Cristina: You know who does their residencies at number 12 hospitals? Losers! I am not a loser. Go get the charts! Meredith: So i mean the dream is about me being afraid of the house of candles, and you know taking the big step, and I'm afraid of having a happy ending. Cristina: You know I have a pHD in biochem. I'm a double doctor. Double doctors should not do their residencies at 2nd rate hospitals. Meredith: Wyatt says i should just lean into the wind, into the fear. So I'm just gonna ask Derek to move in with me. Cristina: What about a transfer, cleveland clinic has a good cardio program. Meredith: We're still in the top 20, that's still pretty good. Cristina: Pretty good is not enough. I want to be great. Greatness Meredith! Meredith: Greatness. Which is why I'm going to ask Derek to move in with me. It's just that it's you know, it's a big step and I don't wanna mess it up again. I've messed it up before, with the break ups, and the on and off again, the sleeping with george, it's just... Lexie: You slept with george? No talking unless it's medical... Meredith: So I'm just gonna do it, I'm just gonna ask him to move in with me. You think it's the right thing right?
Bailey: Stop shivering you're embarrassing me. Izzie: I didn't realize we were gonna be outside....Oh I'm ok you don't have to do that. Alex: Bundle up you're turning blue. Meredith: Dr Bailey, it is kinda cold out here. Bailey: Someone will come. Alex: No-ones coming. Izzie: Maybe some old people with broken hips we can fix. Bailey: Ok... Stop talking. We are Seattle Grace Hospital, and rankings or no rankings we are going to stand outside, at the ready, on alert, and give the best care available to every single patient that arrives at our door. We may no longer be ranked the best, but I'm the best and you're my residents, which means you're the best. It's a matter of pride people. Cristina: What are we doing? Bailey: We're waiting. Cristina: For? Meredith: A miracle. Bailey: Someone will come. Cristina: Dr Bailey you know that Mercy West is getting all the traumas first. Bailey: Someone will come! Meredith: So... we're standing out here in the hopes that someone is severely injured, wishing and praying that someone is so hurt and so near death that the ambulance has to bring them here because we're closer than Mercy West? Bailey: Yep. Izzie: Wow. You and god are cool with that? Bailey: Damn i forgot about god. Alright, lets just go on back inside... Woah.. woah woah.. Hey watch out!
George: Dr Sloan hi. Sarah Beth has got a facial lackma, she will only let you touch her. Sloan: You paged me for a cut? What kind of moron are you O'malley? Are you a special moron from the isle of complete and utter morons? George: I don't think so... Sloan: Shut up! Truth and wisdom. [to Dr. Hahn] Lexie: He's an ass! [to George]
Cristina: This is what we get for being number 12. A bunch of women in ball gowns and a half dead limo driver. Meredith: Those women are amazing, they tried to save his life. That's who i wanna be you know... Cristina: An aging princess? Meredith: They've been with the same men for years and they're happy! They did it, I can do it. Cristina: Mer... I... Derek: Hey... Who paged me?[to Meredith, as she walks away with him] Meredith: Bailey and Izzie paged you but you should see Bailey first because she's got the limo driver. Derek: Ok. Meredith: Do you wanna move in with me? Derek: You wanna live together? Meredith: Well i mean i could...I just ah... If you don't want to... Derek: Yes. Meredith: Yes? Derek: Absolutely. Are you sure you're ready? Meredith: I'm leaning into the fear to get a happy ending. Derek: I don't even know what that means...
Izzie: Sarah Beth's husband might need another surgery after Derek's done with him. Those poor women. Meredith: Well Anna, the one with the cuts is married to the guy on Derek's table...And she is sleeping with Sarah Beth's husband... the one Sloan's working on. Izzie: You're kidding. Meredith: No... don't tell Betty. Izzie: She wouldn't remember even if i did. Meredith: I mean thats what happens, you're married 40 years and then you become a big fat, lying cheater. If 40 years doesn't make you committed what does? What's the point? I mean what if i move in with Derek and... Cristina: Ok i'll give you 100 bucks if you talk about something else. Izzie: It's not about the years, it's about the man... And Derek is a good man. Cristina: Oh well I'm outta here. Izzie: There are a lot of really good men, you know... George is a really good guy, i mean he... Nope, Sloan is not. Alex, yeah... Alex has turned into a very good man. Meredith: You and Alex...? Izzie: No! I'm making a point. But it is nice you know, that we're friends and he's changed. He's actually opening up to me. Meredith: So do you think if you and Alex moved in, and got married... In 40 years you'd feel dead inside enough to cheat on him? I: Wow...
Alex: Do you know anything about health insurance? Meredith: No. Why? Alex: I'm trying to help out a patient. Meredith: Ah the softer side of Alex. Izzie was right. Alex: What's that supposed to mean? Meredith: Nothing. Alex: What did Izzie say to you? Meredith: She said that you were a good man. She said you'd changed. It was nothing. Alex: Did she say that i cried? Cos that is a lie! Meredith: No. She didn't say anything. Alex: She should just keep her mouth shut! Meredith: Alex! I made a stupid joke. She didn't mean anything.
Meredith: So he's got fishing gear, and boots, and hair products. I don't have room for any of that stuff. And he talks, and not a little... he chats. He's chatty freaking Cathy. Cristina: Not right now. Meredith: And then you know what's gonna happen after he moves in don't you? We build a house on his land, which will be our land because we'll be married. And then I'll be Dr Mrs Shepherd. And you know what comes after that don't you? Babies. They'll be his babies so they'll have perfect hair, and they'll be chatty. So i'll have 5 chatty children, a chatty husband, and live in a house in the wilderness. And then i'll start sleeping with your husband. I gotta tell him I've changed my mind. Don't you think? Cristina: MEREDITH! Meredith: What? Why are you making that face? Cristina: Shut up! You know just shut up about Derek. Shut up about moving in with Derek. Shut up about your relationship, because you wanna know what? I've heard it all before. You mean I know, you guys get together and i have to listen to it, and the you guys break up and i have to listen to it. I almost killed a man in surgery today, I... Ok you wanna know what i think... you really wanna know? You and Derek will not work. Moving in together is a mistake of massive proportions. You are dreaming of dead Derek. Which should tell you it will not work. Meredith: Cristina.... Cristina: No you know... This whole thing, this happily ever after does not exist. So please, please, please, as you weigh your options here... just you know consider the possibility of shutting the hell up! Because I can't listen to it anymore. Meredith: I.... Cristina: NO! Meredith: OK b... Cristina: NO! Meredith: I just... Cristina: Ok, that's it. I'm done!... Oh OH! Ow Ow Owwww.... Meredith: I'm not gonna say you deserved that, but you deserved that! Cristina: Oh thanks. Help... help me up haha. Oh... ohhhhhhh.... Meredith: Don't move I'm gonna go and get some help.
[Old Meredith and Old Cristina... living alone together.] Meredith: What are you doin? Cristina: Eating cereal. Meredith: I got us a chicken for dinner! Cristina: Chicken... Seriously? Meredith: You're not gonna be hungry now. Cristina: Oh you're doing it all wrong again as usual. Meredith: I'm not I'm cutting from the media stinum out. Cristina: You can't even see the media stinum without your glasses! Meredith: Damn it, where are my glasses? Cristina: Ugh, mmm mmm... Put it down. Right here. Meredith: Mmm Cristina: There right here. Move. Meredith: What would i do withoutchya? Cristina: Starve!
Meredith: Put her on a monitor, and order a portable chest x-ray. I'm gonna cut your top off. Cristina: It's between my 9th and 10th Inter-costle spaces. There's no hemo or numo thorax. My vitals are stable just pull it out. Owen: I wouldn't. Cristina: Mind your own business! Meredith: Who is this guy? Cristina: Get this thing out of me! I already screwed up in front of the chief today once, I can't... I messed up a suture, and now he's looking at me like I'm number 12. Mer please, noone gets to see me like this ok. [Richard walks in] Richard: Yang, what the hell happened. Get her on a monitor, and order a portable chest. Meredith: I did Richard: Did you check her respiratory function? Cristina: I did... See... Breath sounds, clear and equal. Richard: You be quiet! Grey, what would you advise as a course of treatment? Meredith: I think we should leave it in until we get the chest x-ray and the CT back. Cristina: I'm fine. Meredith: What about infection? This thing is definitely melting dirty roof water into her body. Cristina: Which is why we should pull it out! Owen: Leave it right where it is! You get stabbed in the chest, you're lucky enough to still be breathing. You leave knife in, at least until you figure out what's going on inside. Leave it in! Cristina: Take it out! Richard: Leave it in! In the mean time since you know so much you can teach your interns how to treat you. This is a good opportunity for you to get back to the basics. Cristina: But i need to check on Vincent Kenner. Richard: Grey, Vincent Kenner is your responsibility now, but bare in mind he is my patient. And I'm not about to lose another trauma case today. Keep that man alive! Can i get a word with you Dr. Hunt?
Derek: The chief is under the spell of some insane man in camouflage. Sloan: I saved my patients life. He'll never talk again, but still life saved. What happened to your hand? Derek: Ah, scalpel. Rose. Not intentional. Sloan: She's a dead mouse on the kitchen floor. At some point you've gotta pick it up and throw it away. Derek: Hmm... Sloan: You want me to take a look at that? Derek: Meredith's going to take care of it. Sloan: I'm a renowned plastic surgeon. Grey's a resident. Derek: It's just a scratch. She gives me sex, especially when I'm wounded. haha.
Meredith: How are you doing? Cristina: Please take my films, cos my interns are idiots! Hows Mr. Kenner. Meredith: Well, he's stable. Cristina: You cannot let him die! Meredith: I'm doing my best. Hold still. Cristina: I am, just shoot it. Meredith: Hold still because i wanna ask you a question. Cristina: What? M: Did you mean what you said about me... and Derek? Cristina: Oh well this is not fair. I'm impaled! Meredith: I know i talk about it too much. And i know i've gone soft and gooey and disgusting. And if i had to listen to it I'd puke too. But, you said what you said because you were mad, right? Not because you meant it? Cristina: You just, just, take my x-ray and... and... It doesn't matter what i say. Meredith: Of course it matters what you say! Of course it matters!
Derek: You wanna hear hot i cut my hand? It's a good story. Meredith: I am not sure moving in together is such a good idea. Derek: Ok...Fine. Meredith: Fine? Derek: Mmm.
Meredith: What does that mean? Derek: It means that i know you. Meredith: So what you didn't believe that i would let you move in, in the first place? Derek: I believe that you believe it. Look I'm gonna move very slowly. Baby steps. No sudden moves. You're like a deer in the woods. Meredith: Ok, I built the house of candles, that is unprecedented in the Meredith chronicles. Derek: Fine lets move in together. Meredith: Fine. Derek: Unless of course you just wanna go ahead and get married?.... AHAH! Gotchya! You wanna know where i learnt that? It goes with the story of how i cut my hand. Izzie: What did you say to Alex? Meredith: I...I didn't say anything. I just said it's nice that you two are friendly again. Izzie: Ugh! Meredith why can't you just mind your own business? I mean... you know what forget it! I should never have told you anything! You can't keep anything to yourself unless it's for Cristina. Meredith: Izzie! Derek: Marriage? Meredith: Not funny!
Meredith: Ok? [helping Cristina into bed] Cristina: Yeah. Meredith: You said Derek and I would never make it. Cristina: And then i was karmically impaled for saying it! Meredith: But you're right, people don't really have happily ever afters. People barely have ever afters, so why would Derek and I be any different? Cristina: Mer, why do you care what I think? Meredith: Because you're my person! And if I'm gonna do this with him. Be all whole and healthy and be a warm gooey person who lives with a boy. I need you. I need you on board. I need you to cheer me on! Because you're the only one that knows me. Darkly. Really knows me. I need you to pretend that I can do this, even if you don't believe. Because if you abandon me now, I will never make it. And I'll never get my happy ending, and then that's just... Cristina: Life. Meredith: I'm saying please here. Cristina: I think... that you and Derek will make it. You'll make it work. Meredith: Are you just telling me what i want to hear? Cristina: I am your person. I'm on your side!
Meredith: [voiceover] Once upon a time happily ever after. The stories we tell are the stuff of dreams. Fairytales don't come true. Reality is much stormier. Much murkier. Much scarier.
Meredith: [voiceover] Reality. It's so much more interesting than living happily ever after.
Derek: The patients still alive. Richard: He's stable. Derek: You let some soldier off the street talk you into something that could have killed a man. Richard: He deserved the chance. Derek: We have no way of knowing if it helped or hurt. Richard: He deserved the chance Derek. He deserved the best. The most that this hospital could give him. I've let a lot of things slide over the past few years. I've been soft. Derek: It's not about you being soft. Richard: I think it's the fact that Meredith's here. The fact that Ellis's daughter is here. [Meredith walks in] Meredith: Chief. Vincent Kenner...We gave him 31 units of blood. Fresh frozen plasma. Multiple liters of LR. We did everything we knew how to do, we just couldn't bring him back. Richard: You don't know how to do anything. None of you. You're half way through your 2nd year of residency and you walk around this hospital like it's your god given right to be here. Well it is not Dr. Grey. I assure you. You are here because I allow it. You are here to do what i say. And the one thing i ask you to do you can't even save... Derek: RICHARD! We can't save everybody. Richard: We should try harder. We should try harder.


woman in trauma asks Alex: why do men cheat? my husband slept with my friend, he lost his job and then he slept with my friend, telling me , he loves me. Why?
Alex: maybe he was low, he was down and he didn't want you to see him like that, in pain, week, less than a man, he has his pride so he turned away. It's not right but it doesn't mean he doesn't care about you. I SWEAR it doesn't!! Sloan to George: you think that if you get to take your intern test again that makes you big man on campus? It doesn't change the fact you failed the first time.
Lexie: Dr Sloan?
Sloan: I'm sorry Grey was there something you wanted to say to anyone here?
Lexie : no there wasn't!?
Sloan : coward!
Lexie : SHUT UP!


i love'd the show, but we have to wait for another week!!! CRAP!!
love always Syd


Derek to Mark on why he is not stitching him up, Mer is -"She gives me sex, esp. when I am injured"


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You almost died like men.


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