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More Previews of Grey's Anatomy

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Here are a pair of promos for the season five premiere of Grey's Anatomy on September 25. Looks like some pretty intense stuff - both personal and professional - is on the way. Here's one preview, with the second after the jump!



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I know that nothing's as it seems, but i still cant wait! I knew I shouldn't have watched the promos! Now, I may have developed OCD. I seriously cant focous on anything else. It's driving me crazy. I am suposed to be studying, but I am watching the promos for the 100,000th time. Why is this so addicting???


yeah it i think it is maybe mers dad that gets in the car accident. i just dont see anything happening to derek right now because that would just put mer back in the same state and all that therapy would have been a waste of time. way to soap operaish (not a word i know lol) for greys.and richard probably wants to save him because it is mers dad and doesnt want her to get any worse than she is or was.of course the promos were a bit too fuzzy for me to see anything.i did almost go into shock and came up here right away when i say the rose thing. lol. but yeah. i could be in total denial right now but this is my theory.


Derek is standing right by the chief when he says "we are going to save this man" and the mad on the gurnee looks like derek. also the crashed car that comes looks like meredith's dad's car


Derek IS standing next to the chief when he is saying that he is going to save this man. But what does that say, because Shonda knows how to get us on the edge of the seat.


I bet the guy in the car accident is Meredith's father. That is the one area she has not come to terms with yet and would impact her commitment issues.


Axmann you are right for me it is from season 4


Oh! plus i really hate rose the bitch.


okay, first of all, I completely expected something like this to happen to Derek! I actually thought something was going to happen to him during the Ferry boat episode- obviously I was wrong. Secondly, I think I might cry right now.
Is it september 25th yet?!?!?!?!


If I'm correct, the first one is from season 4. That entire episode is in season 4, actually. It's being mis-posted as a "season 5 preview" everywhere...