Drew Barrymore Dating Chace Crawford ... or Ed Westwick?

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Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, 23, is reportedly dating Drew Barrymore, 33, according to a report this morning on celebrity news blog Perez Hilton.

The pair were supposedly seen at the Saturday Night Live after-party together this past weekend, and were out and about again on Monday night!

Drew Barrymore and Chace Crawford were both at the Kings of Leon concert in New York City and "made no attempt at hiding their relationship."

Multiple eyewitnesses say they were making out, Perez claims.

However, New York Magazine (which is actually based in New York, obviously, unlike Perez) refutes this - sort of. It says Drew was making out with Ed Westwick!

Crawford was in attendance along with Westwick - his best friend and roommate - but New York Magazaine says Ed was the one involved in the Drew kissing.

"Drew was hanging all over Ed!" a witness said, denying the earlier reports that she was spotted smooching Crawford. "They were full-on making out!"

All very interesting for the Gossip Girl stars, linked to the same girl on the same day! What do you think? Who should date Drew Barrymore?

UPDATE: Follow the jump for the Vanity Fair photo that pretty much solves this mystery. You can't see his face, but we're 99 percent certain that it's Ed and not Chace ...

Ed Westwick, Drew Barrymore

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I just thought of something funny. Drew's ex, Justin Long starred in that movie ACCEPTED with Blake Lively.LOL!


Drew's with Landon Pigg


Normally, I wouldn't care who Chace and Ed are dating. It's their lives, but DREW BARRYMORE? Please tell me they photoshopped that picture somehow.


It dont look like him to me in the where they are making out


i like Drew i like Ed but i don't like them together.. very weird..

Chucks bear

I'm jealous. Proof? Read my Display Name.


it looks like Ed and Drew, but how can people be so sure?


Drew isn't a skank...she's a celebrity so of course every guy she dates (or kisses) is put all over the internet and tabloids! That doesn't make her a skank! Good for her and Ed! Her age doesn't seem to be bothering him any in that pic... ;)


RAWR! ed is MINE!


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