Shenae Grimes Fights Back Against Skinny Slams

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After appearing on the cover of a well-known magazine, 90210 star Shenae Grimes was leveled with flak about her figure.

Many critics have accused the actress of being too thin. Here's Grimes' latest response to those criticisms:

“Now, as you all know now probably, I graced my first major magazine cover, only to be called “too skinny” alongside my co-star Jessica Stroup. I would like to say once again that neither me or Jessica have issues with our weight or bodies. I happened to be very small built, and ive always been skinny.

So I personally think that people need to stop criticizing everyone in the media these days about their issues. Im sure you wouldnt like it if someone pointed out all of your flaws and all of your mistakes… but thats what the media does to us.”

Too Thin

Do you think Shenae Grimes is too thin?

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if you eat a full meal in front of me i will believe it


those paints are hideous.


oh my gosh!
faaar out
what is wrong with the media
some people are just naturally skinny !
and if they're not and wanna be thin thats their businees not anyone elses!
if you think shes too skinny
well good for you.. but at the end of the day anything that you say isnt going to have any effect because it her decision!
if she decides to put on weight or lose more it should be because SHE wants to no because of ANYONES influence!
at least i'de hope so
ciao x



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