Survivor Spotlight: Matty Whitmore

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Matty Whitmore is a personal trainer.

The 29-year old California resident believes such physical strength will help him conquer all on Survivor: Gabon, though it will also likely make him a prime candidate for elimination.

''I think Matty will be one of the favorites this season, someone people will absolutely love," host Jeff Probst said. "I find him to be one of the most endearing guys we've ever had on the show to the point where it could work against him because he can't hide anything. If he's confused, he says, 'I'm confused.' If he's happy, he's smiling. If he's sad, he's crying.''

Matty Whitmore Picture

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I am the biggist fan of Matty ever!! I even have his picture on my phone! And I have his picture on my dresser mirror, and his biography! I know everything, there is to know about Matty! He was born on December 18, 1978. He resides in California!I cryed when Matty got voted off! I am overly obsessed with Matty! But there is only one more thing I can say...MATTY RULES! MATTY ROCKS! I LOVE MATTY! HE SHOULD HAVE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Matty shoul;d be on the next episode of Survivor!!!! I have to go, Survivor is coming on!!!!!! MATTY ROCKS!


I think too about Matty is the good guy.