The 90210 Caption Contest, Vol. II

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We'd like to thank every reader that submitted an entry for this edition of the 90210 Caption Contest.

We got a laugh out of almost all of them. But "brelly_n_brylan" was crowned the winner. This user's caption is posted underneath the photo below.

Scroll down to read the other options, and remember to come back and play every week. Thanks!

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Annie: Dylan's the father?
Silver: Crap! I had money on Brandon!

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Annie: Would you be into hooking up with me and Ty in a threesome after class? Silver: I thought you would never ask!!


Annie: Omg, does she have dandruff?


Silver: OMG! I just died on Snake 2!
Annie: Are you serious? You don't have Snake 3!?


Annie:OMG, Silver, I just spotted your mom! Silver: SHUT! UP! AAAGHH!!!! I need back up, STAT! Where's Kelly when you need her?!?!?!??


Silver: I just saved a lot of money on my car insurance Annie: OMG No freaking way!!!


Silver: Dixon just text me...he wants to have sex!! Annie: Wait, you can't!! I just took his condom!


Silver: Oh my God Annie...I think I just ordered a pizza!!!! Annie: Silver, NO!!! Think about the carbs!


Annie: Silver, I just asked Dixon for a condom! God! Silver: I can't believe I was planning to give it up to him! We are doing Spring Awakening! Not Flowers in the Attic: The Musical!


Annie: Dylan's the father? Silver: Crap! I had money on Brandon!


Annie: Oh, my GOD! Do you see that bitch, Adriana?!?! Silver: YES! She looks like she is trying out for crack whore #5 on Law and Order! I was expecting her to have croaked by now but this is freaking ridiculous!

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