"The Serena Also Rises" Music & Lyrics

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Click for the lyrics of the Gossip Girl music selections from "The Serena Also Rises."

If you can identify any missing songs or lyrics played on last night's episode, just leave a comment and let us know - we'll add them!

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Hi all, It seems that a lot of people are desperately trying to find this song not only on this page. I am French, and I am really into music, and I think (though I can't be sure 100%) that this song was not made by any French group. An interesting answer came out from another website, a guy (whose father is a movie producer) said that the song was maybe done specifically for this episode... which could explain why no one has managed to find it out. Keep on posting, if the producers get aware of the number of requests they will release it. Or does anyone knows the producers personally???, it could help


I Liked the song that they used when Serena is un the Runway wearing Jenny's dress. Can anybody say me what song is that? And what's the song that plays when Dan went to school and everybody leave him alone and the Serena arrives and just pass beside him with her girlfriends? Please guys, OXOX.


I'm also trying to look for that song almost everywhere but with no good luck as of yet. I can't believe no one knows that song.. I'm not gonna stop until I find it!


i need to know the name of that song its not normal that no one knows please keep looking xoxo


Pleaaaasseeee !! someone MUST know th ename of this song ... I spend my EVENING looking for it ... =(


Is everyone referring to the song that was playing in the background of the fashion show that seemed to say 'Ooh Whizz" - I am trying to find it and I am having no luck. Very little comes back when you type "Ooh Whizz Gossip Girl" into Google! xox


Ok guys common what is that goddam song....just can't believe there is no one that can help us!!


yep, jadeite is right
stop posting songs name if your not even sur
if you just listen 10 sec of your songs befor posting you would see that doesn't match
or , I don't know, read previous post that already says 10 time it's not that song u_u
geez *sigh*


You are WRONGGGGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please be sure when you are posting an answer.


the song is called je ne te connais pas by the prototypes if im not wrong :)

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