"The Serena Also Rises" Music & Lyrics

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Click for the lyrics of the Gossip Girl music selections from "The Serena Also Rises."

If you can identify any missing songs or lyrics played on last night's episode, just leave a comment and let us know - we'll add them!

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its called je ne te connais pas by the prototypes


Actually that Dsquared show I saw was on Fashion TV..it was a montage of the show they gave in Toronto for fashion week.
They used that french song for a mili-second, and since then I am trying to find the source of the song....very very frustrating not finding any clue about that song...


no it's none of those
I'm dying to find that song too


the song is by "the prototypes" i think its either "Je te connais pas" or "who's gonna sing". One of those i remember hearing those lyrics. Either way both are awesome songs. :) hope that helps.


why no answers us ?


What is the name of the song where Dan & Chuck are in the club?


hi please someone tell us what is the first french song?


Hi Everybody !
I want the singing with lyrics"Je suis une fille qui Aimes les garçons,
et aussi les filles qui porte des calçons, et aussi les filles qui porte des calçons,
fille ou garçon, la belle affaire de tout c'est fille ou garçon, la belle affaire de tout c'est
d's'envoyer en l'air a sa façon" d's'envoyer en l'air A sa façon "
I'm French and the 2nd season not yet diffused in french. So, if you can tell me the title of that song...
Thanks so Much and Sorry for my bad english :s


When was that Dsquared fashion show?


I speak french and am from Montreal. I thought at first it was a song from Brigitte Bardot's repertoir...but now it seems unlikely.
I will keep on looking in the web..i'm sure something will come up. I'm keeping my ears open.
J'espère qu'il y aura quelqu'un qui pourra répondre a notre requête. for anyone that is curious what the lyric are in english: "I am a girl that love boys,
and also girls that wear breifs,
girl or boy, the nice thing in all this is
to get off your own way."

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