Tiffany Pollard is Not Good Looking

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At a recent fashion show charity event, held for National Animal Rescue, Tiffany Pollard proved who the real dog is:


We hate to say it, but this reality TV star is not cut out for the runway. In any way, shape or form...

Attempt at Beauty
Work It, Tiff!

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OMG she is hideous!! anybody who thinks dat is attractive is seriosly desperate and must be buggin! wow and she really believes that she is gorgeous and dat everybody thinks that way about her,everybody needs to stop lying to her,and just imagine how she looks wit out her makeup,eyelashes,wigs,look like a GORRILLA!!!


New york is a gold money woman need to get ! She let him go because she want the all thing on her . He let her go because she want no real man they . she play every man because her big tits ! She can have a big thing , because she want a low class man


Sharon go take a seat somewhere. Tiffany "New York" Pollard-Patterson is a JOKE. The fact that she "grew on you" is testament that too much time watching such nonsense really can lower your IQ. "New York" looks all drag queened out in that charity event. I love how "Huggy Low Down" on the Tom Joyner radio show dismissed her ass this morning because she is disgusting.


You all are a bunch of haters! Yeah I must admitt on the first season of Flavs show I hated her and clapped when Pumpkin did what she did,but then the second season came and her shows and she grew on me. I can understand her being a strong minded female myself. You have to feel somewhat sorry for her look at her mom and how she treats her shes only reacting to what she saw her mom doing as a child and tries to be like her so stop picking on her America! Tiffany I got your back girl!