Who Should Annie Date?

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Annie Wilson might be new to Beverly Hills, but she's found herself in a rather nice situation.

Two attractive men have set their sights on this beauty. And we wanna know which stud muffin you think Annie ought to date: Ty or Ethan?

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Given the demographics of 90210, I'd say date the wealthiest guy in this wealthy zip code.


I agree - Ty is a total tool and/or either he is totally gay - in either case he doesn't deserve to be with Annie! Although Ethan was doing some pretty wicked things in the season opener (getting head in the car - Annie saw him cheating on his then girlfriend Naomi!) Everyone deserve to explain their story and should be given a fair chance. Ethan's head-games (no pun intended, okay maybe just a little) but I don't think that should keep Annie from dating him - In Ethan's defense - he was cheating on the super-shallow Naomi that only cares about one thing - shopping! LMAO!!! Ethan would cherish his and Annie's relationship and never do her like that. Or at least I hope he wouldn't do that!


Annie should date Ethan cause after that stunt Ty pulled Tuesday when he saw her with Ethan at the Lucky Strike, I came to the conclusion that Ty was a total asshole.


Ty is gorgeous but he looks soooooooo gay. I hope he's not.



How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.