A 90210 Tragedy: Jessica Walter Taken Off Contract

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Tragic news for fans of 90210:

Jessica Walter has been dropped as a series regular. Does this mean her hilarious alcoholic character, Tabitha, is headed for another stint in rehab?

It's unclear, but Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly does assure readers Walter isn't leaving the show completely.

Tabitha Wilson Picture

A 90210 source says while it's true that Walter's contract option was not picked up for the rest of the season, the former Arrested Development actress has agreed to appear on a recurring basis, her schedule permitting.

"Fans have not seen the last of Tabitha," said executive producer Gabe Sachs. "We love Jessica."

So do we, Gabe. So do we!

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Jessica Lowndes makes me cringe, she is annoying, but thats probably because her character is a bitch, i think they need some new actresses fast!


Well, its crack TV for me already. But Brendalova, you forgot to mention that Jessica Lowndes is now a series regular. What do you guys think about that? I have mixed feelings, mainly because she will not be Ms. Irrelevant anymore...


Actually no I don't think Navid is next. I think they put her on recurring because frankly in one episode she said four lines almost and walked away with lots of my I am sure. Recurring really suits her more as she pops in and out. Plus this will also help them save money and invest in Shannen D and Jennie Garth possibly in more episodes. Who knows what they up thier sleeves. It's great to hear the show is getting better! I love it now but I think it's gonna start to really be appointment TV soon!


Oh. My. GOD!!!! I knew it was going to happen... Now I wonder if Navid is next...



How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.