Ed Westwick: Dapper on the Set

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The secret behind Chuck Bass' good looks and charm with the ladies may be ... a team of stylists? Well, maybe not. But Ed Westwick did get a little touch-up Friday while on the set of Gossip Girl, which was filming at New York's Palace Hotel:

Dapper Ed Westwick

The Gossip Girl makeup department readies Ed Westwick.

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Ohmygod, am I the only one who likes his teeth. He's so cute when he smiles or talks or whenever he openes his mouth. It's just adorable. I don't like as somebody said "hollywood lookin" teeth. That's just plain boring.


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Absolutly AMAZING! Good Job Guys




Good WorkFavorite Site Ever! I just Bookmarked


Well, we English people are known for our non "hollywood" teeth. I think the whole perfectly straight and white is tacky! Its un-natural and actually weird.


Leave Ed's teeth alone. Honestly. As if we have any control over the shape and look of our own teeth! Perfectly capped bleach-white smiles are a dime a dozen (hello Hilary Duff). Chuck has his own unique British charm!


i agree with sophia. totally correct. i thought that ed wasn't attractive b4 but he looks kinda cute here.

Chucks bear

i don't really care about his teeth. hehe...I think he still looks adorable! I am so deeply fascinated...


Aw, well i like it when Ed smiles! He looks great!


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