Gossip Girl Caption Contest 21

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Welcome to the 21st edition of the Friday Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

This week's winner is sydny. Congrats! The winning entry appears below. Scroll down to read the full list of entries, and good luck again this week!

New Haven Can Wait

S: "Hey, Blair, I think I found you the perfect date!"
B: "Who? Having anyone I can call a date will be an excellent conversation starter the next time I see Chuck."

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B: i slept with the dean, im a certain to get in
S: not before i did XD


B&S: both thinking... "i will get into yale"
little asain dude: IM ASAIN I SHALL GET INTO YALE!!!


Serena: Blair, I think you have something stuck in your hair.
Blair: And I think you should learn to brush your teeth properly. You do know they're not supposed to be the same colour as your hair?


S: Hey B, getting ready for Xmas?
B: What?
S: That stupid ribbon.
B: Oh, i was just trying it on. Shut up!


*whispering* serena: i can't wait to see the look on your face when the dean accepts me into yale and rejects you
blair: and i can't wait to see the look on YOUR stupid face when he discovers your most terrible secret


S: Couldn't you pick a nicer headband?
B: this one is a special piece made by my mam the pro.
couldn't you pick a nicer dress, it looks like a design from little J, the amateur.


Blair: Im gonna kick your head off, you'll see!
Serena: Oh that's so funny B, with only one leg?


Serena: Hey B, look at this guy on my left, isn't he so cute?
Blair: OMEG! He looks like Chuck.
Serena: WTF??? O_o


Serena: Hey wanna head back to my place after this?
Blair: Hmmm ok what do you have in mind?
Serena: Oh you know ::gives her a sexy grin::

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