Gossip Girl Photos From "There Might Be Blood"

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Below are pictures for Monday's all-new Gossip Girl, "There Might Be Blood."

Like the promo we posted earlier, these pics should get fans thinking about - and excited for - this drama-filled new episode. What the heck is the deal with J!?

Click to enlarge any of the photos and tell us what you think!

Agnes Does Her Thing
Lily van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey
Jenny and Nate Dating?
van der Gorgeous
Call the Cops!
More Chair!
Father-Daughter Fight
A Stylish Serena
Sad J
There Might Be Blood
Nate and Jenny Together?
A Chair Moment
Nate-Jenny Kiss

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Little J is wearing a pink H&M dress. Stylish, I've got the exact same :)


Hey! I am french, And I can't find the last episode of Gossip Girl... Can you help me please? I am so razy about C and B! I hope S and D will come back together! I just love them! About J... Now, I think that she is weird... She is less cute than before, isn't she... I can't really understand N... Never mind... The best "couple" Is B AND C!
Please, help me... (sorry, I don't speak english very well... I am just a 16 years old french girl^^)


okay i heard that emma wants to lose her virginity b4 her friend and she asks blair for help.... so then she gets b to help her but then b takes her to serena's house for help or somethinga nd then emma meets chuck and teh they go out to a club... b freaks out b/c she can't find emma.... emma flirts with chuck and she's determine to losed her virginity b4 her friend (thats' who chuck wa talking to blair about in promo and who blair was screaming 'stop her' and why it's called there might be blood.... it looks good..... i just hope that c isn't a manwhore again nd won't do it with emma..... C & B ARE AWESOME!!


luv n and little j kiss,they look cute together rite??


It says the video is no longer available. What/who was it about?


and I found a sneak peek!!!
Enjoy and meet Emma: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


I dont think Chuck will hook up with that spoiled girl. I hear he ends up helping B.


I heard it was because the girl was hitting on Chuck and was the one who kissed him! I heard.
Well, no matter what, chuck still loves B the most! I too love Chair. :)


WTF, i just watched a promo video of 'there might be blood' and it shows chuck with another girl kissing..
asshole i love chair :(


Ya Nate likes girls of all ages. From the three that are his age. Then we have the 40 year old dutchess,the yale girl, and now a 15 year old.


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