Gossip Girl Photos From "There Might Be Blood"

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Below are pictures for Monday's all-new Gossip Girl, "There Might Be Blood."

Like the promo we posted earlier, these pics should get fans thinking about - and excited for - this drama-filled new episode. What the heck is the deal with J!?

Click to enlarge any of the photos and tell us what you think!

Agnes Does Her Thing
Lily van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey
Jenny and Nate Dating?
van der Gorgeous
Call the Cops!
More Chair!
Father-Daughter Fight
A Stylish Serena
Sad J
There Might Be Blood
Nate and Jenny Together?
A Chair Moment
Nate-Jenny Kiss

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I hope that C and B get together officially!
It's tearing me apart not seeing them happily a couple,
yet its a tragic kinda misery love thing, which i love too!!
I don't like Jenny being a bitch and rebellious, so weird.
Unlike Nate to go for a younger girl...
Anyways, I like the new guy - Aaron (hot poet/artist look)
Matches Serena...
But, the main item would be C AND B! heart em.


Is Jenny gonna get busted by the cops? And what is in store for our epic CB?


OMG this episode looks really good
it looks like lil J is going to be causing some issues
i kind of like her new bad side its way better than the boring J
and i hope something really good happens between C and b or i will die!!


OMG the biggest mistake in my life!
I meant C and B not V!


Oh no!
B and V look sad :(:(:(:(:(


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