Gossip Girl Spoilers: Blair and Chuck Style

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Below are a couple of Gossip Girl spoilers / news items from E! Online's newest spoiler column. Chuck-Blair fans are sure to like this first one:

Q: Have you any scoop about Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl?

A: You mean besides the fact they totally rock? Well, this according to Leighton Meester herself: "I think Chuck is for Blair just like Blair is for Chuck. They are perfect together. But I think that the whole thing with them is that they fight. If you saw them kissing and making up all the time or being best friends walking around town, it would be kind of boring. But maybe it will work out. I know that there is definitely a lot of back and forth material between them. There's a lot coming."

Tough Bluck

Awesome. For another interesting Gossip Girl spoiler regarding Serena van der Woodsen, Aaron Rose and Dan Humphrey, just follow the jump ...

Q: Need. Gossip. Girl. Spoilers. Please.

A: You know how Serena hooks up with that artist kid, Aaron Rose (John Patrick Amedori)? Well, Serena's better half, Dan, ends up dating Aaron's ex, Lexi. What a tangled social web those Upper East Siders weave. Also, and this is a little complicated, so pay attention: Chuck and Blair meet their clones, Chuck 2.0 and Blair 2.0, and end up giving their respective doppelgängers advice on how to hook up with the 2.0 version of themselves. Hopefully in the midst of all that, the original flavors of Chuck and Blair will realize that they are madly in love and will get back together already!

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loool! love this show! and i thought i was the only one that watched this show because of blair and chuck! x) i guess not! and if they dont end up together in the end im going to be pissed!
-chuck and blair


Beautiful site!


Incredible site!


Perfect work!




I love Blair and Chuck only. I only watch Gossip Girl becuz I love to see Blair and Chuck together. They are so damn cute together like a perfect couple that are born for each other. Chuck and Blair forever please!!!!


BART IS GOING TO DIE in november bart will die and lily and rufus will get together!!!!!!!! i am 99% positive


BTW who are Nathan n Haley i.e. Naley??


Chuck in real life - B is meant to convince Chuck to go for Vanessa as we see in the preview... but in the spoiler it was said B convinces B 2.0 and Chuck does the same for Chuck 2.0... So if Vanessa is B2.0 then who will Chuck 2.0 be? I would find it interesting if to get Nate back as best friend, Chuck will fakely befriend Dan too by forgiving the Charlie Trout thing(they already hung out together remember?) and giving him advice to chase Queen B. What do u think? So my guess is Blair 2.0 is Vanessa and Chuck 2.0 is Dan... So is Eric really gay then? Who is this 'new friend' that Lily says he made... and she's OK with it?? Someone find me a spoiler for this! Y does no body care about Eric?


Im a big CHAIR fan!! Love them!
but I gotta say ... why they are getting back together in episode 12??? thats a looong wait, I mean, I hope they last until final season, I wanna see them as a couple for more that just 12 episodes...
:) I hope writers make a great storyline for them as a couple.

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