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Welcome back to Grey's Anatomy Insider's Caption Contest - the 126th consecutive edition.

The winner of this week's Caption Contest - the second straight using a picture from "Dream a Little Dream of Me" - is Hermy. The winning entry appears below!

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Bundled Up

Bailey: Why is no one giving me a blanket?
Meredith: I'll say it; because Alex isn't thinking about get into your pants.

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i can't wait till next week so i can see dereck naked.


Meredith-Dr.Bailey did you forget the keys to the hospital again!? Cristina-Seriously?? Izzie-Well at least I came prepared this time! Alex-How much can I pay you for that blanket? It's so damn cold! Dr.Bailey-Karev quite you whining and help Yang through the window so she can open the damn door!


Alex: "What is it exactly that we're waiting for?"
Bailey: "The flood- and apparently Stevens is the only one prepared for it!"


Meredith: I wasted all those stupid candles on Derek before I really need them. All: Candles? Derek? Alex: Dude, you really can't keep anything to yourself can you?


Alex to Izzie: Do you think they'll notice if i jump over you?


i " Seriously " can't wait for Thursday! i'm glad we actualy get to see it this week! i almost about died Thursday! last Thursday! lol
love always Syd


Izzy: Shivering furiously.
Christina: He should've given me the blanket, I am after all the best cardiac intern this hospital has ever seen! I mean seriously!
Alex: You gotta be kidding! I'm not nice, she just took it!
Bailey: Yang, when you kill your fiance instead of leaving him at the alter, then you can have a blanket too.
Meredith: Lord, couldn't you please just send Lacy to St. Elsewhere?


"Hmmmm. Somebody complains about the writing and the very next week we're doing outdoor scenes in the freezing cold. Anyone here think THAT'S a coincidence?!"


*the word some doesn't exist and change serious to seriously


Izze:Hell is officially freezing over us and i'm shivering like a bird's fluttering wing and no one seems to mind it.EXCEPT FOR ME!!!Well,except for Alex who gave me this itchy blanket.Now, I'm not only cold but I'm also itching and there's no trauma coming!This is pointless...
Alex:Sorry Iz. That's the only thing I could find to keep you warm..
Izzie:S'okay Alex,it's not your fault we're here outside waiting for nothing.
Miranda:Hey!you two!If your just gonna want to stand there and freeze your asses off I'm fine, but if a terribly great trauma comes you won't be able to suck-in to me so you can take it.
Cristina:There are no traumas coming, unless we're waiting for an injured Yeti.
Meredith:Oh, stop it Crisitna. You're getting on Bailey's hopeful nerves.She's hoping for a miracle worker/healer and come through our doors to heal us out of number 12!
Bailey:We are not number 12!must be a mistake.
....Cristina got stabbed by the icicle..
Alex:cool Cristina's the patient we were all waiting for...
Izzie:Hey!that's just mean Alex, though it would be really great if I got to scrub in if she needed a surgery...
Meredith:(in thoughts)*I wonder what Derek's doing...Maybe he's sucking off a tumor right of somebody else's brain*
Bailey:Karev!Stevens!stop arguing right there and take Cristina to the ER!
..All of them still arguing while Cristina is suffering and Meredith Imaging..
Cristina:Will all of you just shut the hell up and help me get to the ER before I get some serious damaged and frozen here!
Meredith:You're already damaged and partially frozen
Bailey:Fine. If you think you're that good enough cause you've been Burke's student why don't you take that thing off of you on your own while we wait for an really cool trauma..

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