Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Izzie and Alex Update

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Below are a couple of Grey's Anatomy spoilers and rumors from E! Online columnist Kristin Dos Santos and her weekly spoiler Q & A session this morning ...

Q: There's a rumor going around about Izzie Stevens being killed off at the end of Season 5. Will there be no happily ever after for Alex and Izzie, a.k.a. the hottest couple on the show?

A: Reliable sources tell me those rumors are bunk and she will not be going anywhere. For the record, Katherine Heigl actually seems quite happy with her storylines this season. When asked about the future of Alex and Izzie, Katherine told me, "There's nothing I can reveal, but it's been awesome. It's been really exciting for me and really, really fun, satisfying work. I love Justin Chambers! How can you not love Justin? Sorry. He is just such a doll. I mean it's weird — I've been working with all of these people for five years. They're like my family. I mean, I see them actually more than my own family! We have so much fun together." And I hear there is definitely more "fun" (of the horizontal nature) for Izzie and Alex up ahead!

Karev Waits
Izzie in Pink

Q: Is it true that Meredith Grey will have a sexual history with Melissa George's new intern character, Sadie, on Grey's Anatomy?

A: From the sounds of Michael Ausiello's recent Q&A with Melissa George and from what a reliable source says — "I'm pretty sure they did" — I'd place money on it! By the by, this is pretty much the same storyline I had heard they planned originally for Cristina (Sandra Oh) a few seasons back, but the storyline was changed.

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Words can't express my hatred for this couple... Can't stand them together... if everything else fails kill Izzie and end my misery...


See! Even an AI fan agrees, Shonda and writers-- George & Izzie need their friendship back!!! phoe writes--
"- in conclusion, george and izzie should be together again, as BEST FRIENDS, because they need each other, they both need their 'person' back"
now I don't agree with you about whether or not george & izzie were in love-- I believe they were, but I agree with your conclusion about their friendship wholeheartedly!!!
Thank you, phoe!


All you AI haters, please stop. The 3rd and 4th seasons, I believe, were a way for ABC to fill in episodes, as in they did not have sure set storylineS. They just wanted to air episodes, even though the stories weren't going anywhere, well some of them anyway. As for Alex and Izzie, remember what he said (about men cheating), and what she said (about lovers hurting each other) this season. They were talking about their relationship, I'm sure. And I'm not going to go crazy over this issue, because I really want them to be together. They have been through a lot and now that they have gotten over their past, I hope they will stay together. Alex was really jealous over Denny, but Izzie was also acting strange over Rebecca (even though she was a manipulative, lying, psycho freak), that's a clue people. THEY CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER! All the original couples should stay together: MerDer, Christina&Burke (although Owen Hunt is interesting), and Lexzie! As for George, he has become an unlikable person because of his confusing dealings with Izzie, he can be with Lexie, I don't mind, in fact, I think they're really cute together. My thoughts on the George and Izzie relationship: [NO OFFENSE]
- they will always love each other unconditionally because they are/were best friends
- now their friendship is somewhat over because of their mistake-ful relationship
- it started with a drunken night, because Izzie needed a McRebound
- she then reasoned that she only slept with george because she was in love with him, she could not find another reason for their actions, not even saying that it was a mistake with the help of vodka/tequila, whatever it was
- george, being the best guy friend, that he is, agreed with izzie's reasons and soon made the decision to divorce his wife, with izzie's excessive persuasion, of course
- after alex finds out, he gives her a wake-up call, with little effect, that she is not in love with george, and puts his own feelings on the line (the talk about moving on, he was really angry)
- in conclusion, george and izzie should be together again, as BEST FRIENDS, because they need each other, they both need their 'person' back
- they were definitely not in love, i thought it was just gross, the whole plot, it was like incest By the way, that is my opinion, I nothing against anybody here, I'm just against certain aspects of the show, as are other viewers. Will love Grey's Anatomy forever!


I disagree Nicole. The majority of fans did love Gizzie, that is why the haters worked so hard to spam the polls and everyone know, worked very hard to spam the touchstone panel against them even enlisting people who didn,t watch the show, their friends and acquaintances, to make it seem like Gizize was hated. Gizzie had and still has a huge fanbase and we will always love them. If they weren't loved their fans would have left a long time ago but we are still there. Australia TV Guide had it right, most fans LOVE Gizize and their haters are a small bitter desperate minority. So yeah Gizzie did work, the ratings were way higher with them together. It is Alex and Izzie that is the failure as the ratings well attest, and just the fact the AI fans needf to cheat an spam on everything show they know their couple is not loved by most fans. You guys are pathetic with your abusive couple with no chemistry. Alex is a loser and he makes Izzie a loser when she is with him.


you people are too aggressive.
How about we stop jumping down each other's throats? Let's all agree to disagree and spread the love.


Alex and Izzie.....ugh....this storyline has been circling the drain for years....let it GO. They have distroyed Izzie, where is the logic in having her with Alex after Denny? Did she learn NOTHING?? You should want to be with someone who makes you be a better person. That might be true for ALex, but it is certainly not true for Izzie.
Not only is that storyline a flusher...but this show has been circling the drain for the past two seasons. Why do you think they keep dragging poor Denny out during sweeps? Mistake much?? ugh.....disgusting


Would you people get over it, so your a long time watcher, so is everyone else. Hey have an idea, how about you ask shonda to start emailing all the people that say there quiting the show because of the story line, the scripts for your approval. like seriously.


Oh, and I am happy alex and izzie are finally together and the whole george thing is over!


I am glad I am not the only one who thinks the whole lesbian thing. I am so over it. I loved the first 3 seasons and the 4th was even pretty good but, I am beginning to get a little disapointed this season so far. Most of you love Der-Mer...I love Mark Sloan and I am tired of the only time you see him on-screen is when he is getting naked. Seriously!!?! Callie and Mark!!! Oh, and McSpivalcious...You can quit a show when all you keep seeing and hearing is lesian talk. I am so over it!


OMG I can't stand this whining about Gizzie anymore. Gizzie did not work. Fans did not like them! I'am sorry for the fans who did like them but it is what it is. GET OVER IT!!! If you can't please go and watch another show. There are more important things in life then to get mad about a love story in an tv-show. Katherina was also disappointed but she got over it. She is now quit happy with her storyline. And btw Alex is not a bad guy he just needs someone who loves him and believes in him. Gizzie fans just see white and black. They can't see gray. And gray is also in the real world. And gray doens't mean black (wrong)

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