Heroes Round Table: Eris Quod Sum

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Welcome to our 17th Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the forums to discuss every character and story line, our staff comes together every week to analyze the latest developments from the latest episode.

Topics in this edition include: Sylar's motives; Elle's return; and Maya's farewell. Let's get to the Q&A...

Do you trust Sylar?
A. Hiro: I trust him to continually change sides every episode, further clouding an already-confusing series of story lines.

Milover: I actually do. As this chapter is proving, no character is purely good or purely evil. He seems to be turning toward the light.

Timex: Not as far as he can throw Peter.

Any final words for Maya?
Timex: First off, I am very impressed with how quickly you picked up English. Maybe you can teach a class to other immigrants on how to learn English during the off season. Oh, and goodbye, you won't be missed.

A. Hiro: Good riddance.

Milover: I hope you find a peaceful beach hideaway and never come back. Ever. Never, ever come back.

Will Daphne turn on Parkman?
Milover: No way. He can read her mind, so he'll always be able to remain a step ahead.

Timex: Didn't you see the future? They're married and have kids. I'm thinking she's going to be a good girl and get knocked up soon.

A. Hiro: I doubt it. The expression on her face, even after her phone call with Arthur, was one of pained conflict. She likes Matt.

Were you happy to see the return of Elle?
A. Hiro: Yes. But can they please kill off Tracy, Mohinder and Parkman now that they have an interesting character to take their place? This show has to trim its roster.

Milover: Not really. No offense to Kristen Bell, but the show has enough characters to keep track of already.

Timex: Wow, I was nearly Forgetting Sarah Marshall until she returned. Now that she's back they better not let her go the way of Adam Monroe or I've lost two of my absolute favorite characters. So yes, I'm very happy.

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I completely agree with silenz - it's great to hear someone defending this show after all the negativity that's been directed at the series lately. I still think it's a fantastic show, and I know it's not easy to write for a series as complex as this. Season four sounds interesting - looking forward to seeing it when the time comes :)


I honestly can't believe how much criticism every so called expert on these forums is launching at what is truly shaping up to be a great show. Did any of you nerds (like me) read comic books as a kid? Because if you did you would see how this show flows just like one which is what makes it rad in the first place. They're setting up a hierarchy with the Petrelli family to enable far more involved plot lines (again like a comic book). They take a lot of criticism for using the whole time travel thing a lot, but when you think about it, what other show in the past has had a major character be able to portray that type of ability. I personally love the time traveling dynamic added by the fact that Hiro can in effect kill Ando and then fix it. Plus, do any of you realize how violent this is for a major network prime time, I mean at the beginning of the season where Sylar opens Claire's head, I thought I was going to puke. Now I realize some out there just want to be critical because they have their own perception of what they would write and how they would write it, but the fact of the matter is that this show has so many positives going for it compared to a lot of other garbage out there on tv that I can't understand all the hate. If you guys like X-Men and I know those movies made a lot of money and were decent up til the third so sit back and enjoy a prime time series for the next few years that has the effects, the broad demographic, and the funding to present amazing locations around the world.


Do you trust Sylar?
I do, but I don’t think his father does. After Peter exited the building the hard way, Papa Petrelli immediately made mention that vengeance is part of being a Petrelli as he looked at Gabriel/Sylar/Spock. Papa was also curious as to how Peter survived, as was Peter. Ultimately, I believe that Gabriel/Sylar/Spock will be on the same side he has always been on: his. Any final words for Maya?
You have reaffirmed my faith in God because he has answered my prayers. He could have answered them a little quicker, like last season, but I understand. He’s been dealing with the whole gas prices thing. You go God! Will Daphne turn on Parkman?
Like a young boy’s first time with a priest, she is very confused and scared right now. In the end however, I believe she will be with Parkman. It won’t last though. He hasn’t really had a good track record with relationships with females on the show. Maybe him and Ando need to hook up. Were you happy to see the return of Elle?
Elle = yawn. There is a reason why she is only making cameo appearances now folks. I mean even lame-ass Lyle was able to shut her down. When you’re kryptonite is a bucket of water, it’s time to move on. Speaking of Elle and water, is she dry clean only? How could she possibly bathe or shower without killing herself? By the way, how does one officially get to join this Round Table discussion? I am also interested in perhaps writing a weekly column for the site.


when are they going to make Ando take off his shirt and walk around naked? or better yet, his pants to show off his big bulge


Any final words for Myia?
Peace Bitch, good riddance! She was horrible during the entire second season... the only glimmer of hope was when she was on her way to becoming Sylars little love puppet. Will Daphne turn on Parkman?
No I really dont think so Kring and Co. have taken a lot of criticism over the fact they keep using time travel and precogs to see the future but those futures NEVER happen EVER; not one of them. I think you will get to see these two shack up... if Daphne isnt killed off (which was something they confirmed they were thinking about doing untill the fans took a liking to her) Were you happy to see the return of Elle?
Yes and No. I love Elle, her character's personality is really entertaining to watch and Kristen Bell does a wonderful job at it. Truly top notch. Why no then? Because I think Sylar is going to finish the job he started and rid poor Elle of her woe's... .... I still just dont know how I feel about how this season is shaping up...

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