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The game: Seduce and destroy.

The target: Vanessa Abrams.

The prize: Blair Waldorf.

For the one and only Chuck Bass, this is what it boils down to in Monday's all-new episode of Gossip Girl, amusingly and fittingly titled "Chuck in Real Life."

When Vanessa uses the scandalous photo of Catherine and Marcus to blackmail Blair, she responds in kind, seeking revenge by enticing Chuck to seduce her.

Meanwhile, Lily and Bart throw a big housewarming party, but Serena isn't ready to play by their rules and acts out. Dan and Jenny also discover a major secret about Nate Archibald that he has been keeping from his friends.

Here's a promo of "Chuck in Real Life" with sneak previews soon to come:

Chuck in Real Life Promo

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Ew Vanessa she suppose belongs to Nate ,,
Naate please fight for her i don't want that troll with chuck x(!!


I see what you say , deeanna, they COULD fall for each other (V and C) but it's most likely they'll end up just as friends. While Chuck is sorting out his feelings, he really could use someone like Vanessa, he lost Nate as a friend, remember?


Chuck and Blair!! omg, i love those two together.
i hope they find each other...and fall in love.
Ed is such a hottie!! Blair is one lucky girl...(jealous) I can't wait for this episode!!


You'rr really such a fan of vanessa aren't you?vanessa may be really nice but she and chuck just do not have that amazing chemistry.and yeah blair was a total bitch in the last ep but it was only because she was pretty much stung.i mean come on,even vanessa herself could "stoop that low" to humiliate her--as if blair wasn't abandoned, betrayed, dethroned and humiliated enough by the people she cared deeply about?Nate.Serena.Marcus.Eleanor.Chuck.
However, I could see that there IS a possibility that chuck might fall for her--but if that happens gg won't be the same matter how much you argue that it's just a show, viewers do have the influence.and besides CHAIR is pretty much one of the two or three reasons for fans to keep watching the sure blair will realize how much she loves him and chuck will finally have the courage to get into a committed relationship.they are both really trying to deny their feelings but there will come a time when those emotions would already be too strong to hold back. on the other hand, i think nate's better off with vanessa.he's the one who is in deep trouble, not chuck.and i really thought they had chemistry.its clear vanessa is really into him anyway. also,i like chuck and vanessa being friends=)


There is a real possibilty, that chuck will start dating vanessa and not solely for the purpose of making blair jealous. Many chuck and blair fans are pissed off at the possibility that chuck would want to be in relationship with anyone except blair, especially a character that blair "hates",(it seems more like jealousy to me). Before the "what does blair have to be jealous of vanessa for" statement, remember nate! 1) Blair is still pissed off that nate decided to date someone that blair considers a "lower class" than the rest of the core group 2) Blair does understand that chuck could develope feelings for vanessa, it was obvious during last night's episode that blair is jealous of vanessa/chuck. It seems like the writers are going to explore the possibility of chuck/vanessa dating. Chuck and vanessa may not have a long term romantic relationship, but last night's episode gives the impression that chuck and vanessa are going to create some type of relationship with each other, despite blair's objections. If a chuck/vanessa relationship does develope, vanessa might be the one to end the relationship. Vanessa still has unresolved feelings for nate. Vanessa is good for chuck, he needs someone who is honest and will keep him balanced morally. I don't think blair will do that all the time, she has proven how selfish and vindictive she can be. Anyways most likely blair/chuck and nate/vanessa will be the two core couples on the show for now. But it will be fun to watch chuck/vanessa/blair interact with each other.


what did chuck say to blair before he asked her to say 'i love you'?? i missed that whole eschange he says something like scared and it sounds like blair says "say it and i will say anything" but i dont think thats right does anyone know for sure?


you need to understand this isn't just a show is the best SHOW,, and they're the best COUPLE!
and i think that great part of the audience love them :D
and the fans! makes the show and if they don't like something they'll stop watching the serie !
so! and sorry Vanessa is a Troll. :P


Some chuck and blair fans need to relax, it is just a show not real life, understand the difference. Hating on vanessa isn't going to change any story lines, vanessa is going to be around for a while. If anyone two characters are a waste of space on the show they would be jenny and lily.


oh that made me think, jenny/van/dan form a core group of their own :)
hah, i agree actually, i think the dan-nate friendship is cute! lol!


Why on earth is everybody falling for Vanessa? First Nate now Chuck. Who’s next? Rufus and Eric (may be she can even make a gay guy straight)? I liked it better when she was just Dan’s best friend and nothing more. She is such a goody two shoes! I hope Dan & Nate become BFFs so that Chuck doesn’t have any friends left.

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