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Blake Lively (Serena Van der Woodsen) and John Patrick Amedori (Aaron Rose) were spotted filming Gossip Girl in the middle of Times Square in New York City.

The character of Aaron Rose, an artist with a philanthropic side, will appear on Gossip Girl soon. He's expected to be a new love interest for our girl Serena.

Blake Lively, John Patrick Amedori

If there were any doubt that sparks will fly between the two, check out the steamy photo after the jump (shield your eyes, Dan Humphrey fans) ...

Serena van der Woodsen, Aaron Rose

OMG. Looks like the controversial kiss between Nate and Jenny isn't the only big change we have to look forward to in future episodes. Thoughts?

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Hey guys STOP!! hating Derena
remember Season 1
when the mother of Serena said to Dan:
" You make my children Happier & more a life,
you just like your father "
remember ?!
You have to proud of Dan
he change Serena to be a Good Person
for a better way..
soo yeahhh!! Oh! I have new plan now maybe Aaron father like married Blair's mother
and then Aaron date Jenny and Blair date CHUCK :DD
and Nate date Vanessa ( maybe :/ )
and of course DERENA!!
& they happily ever after LOL :DD


I think I gotta good plan how about Aaron Rose date JENNY!!
and Nate with V ( maybe :/ )
( But I really x1000 want Chase ( nate ) & Leighton ( blair ) IN REAL LIFE DATING :DD )
and then Blair with CHUCK :DD
and Of Course I adore DERENA :DDDD ♥ hope my wishes or plan come true :DD I'm getting excited lol :DD


ok.i know u guys think that D and S are cute together.BUT i still dont think S deserves D's treatment.D resurrected the "Bitch" S...all becuz D went all out on S.he should have listened to her plea of innocence.S needs a guy who'll accept her wholeheartedly especially her past.D didnt do that.he was just too judgemental.


ugh, he's ugly...


i would reallyyy love for Aaron to like Blair more than serena even though she was his step sister. since the last ep im really sick of serena i want to see a guy like blair more no matter how hard serena tries. that would be awesome!! Pleaseee make aaron like blair and piss off serena (:


As much as i like Dan & Serena together (they're so freking cute) I love the idea Dan & Blair.. that would be cute..


NO not happy with this ugly mug of a boy.


dan and serena are forever, even serena said it. the writers DID say they were star-crossed lovers and they weren't putting them in an "on-again off-again" relationship like ryan/marissa(getting back together every other episode). Meaning they'll get back together not soon but definately later.


OMG, Dan and Serena are over...OVER....OVERRRRRR. The writer said he wasnt going to pull a Ryan and Marissa from O.C and keep putting them back together. Even in the books its actually just a fling. THey are not meant to be. They are quite boring and there is nothing to do with them but break them up. They Just be happy theyre together in real life okay thats what matters. So Get OVER IT!!!!


yes B with D will ruin everything!! Dan is just so judgmental and will never understand Blair. Plus I doubt if B will ever stoop down and date lame Dan Humphrey!!

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