Two More Sneak Peeks of "Pret-a-Poor-J"

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Yesterday we posted the first sneak preview from "Pret-a-Poor-J," Monday's episode of Gossip Girl. Now we've gotten our hands on two more sneak peeks below!

In the first, Blair gets some romantic advice from a surprise source - Dan. In the second, Ms. Waldorf tries out a new technique in an attempt to seduce Chuck.

[video url="" title="Pret-a-Poor-J Sneak Preview #3"][/video]

Follow the jump for another Gossip Girl sneak preview ...

[video url="" title="Pret-a-Poor-J Sneak Preview #2"][/video]

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i so like jenny and nate together,, they are a hot couple... chuck needs to marry blair or they need to have a baby and be happy together for once.serena and dan need to hook back up. jenny needs to go far with her clothing line. nate needs to win the lottery or something poor guy.i liked everything in tonights episode but it made me sad to see b and c in the last episode. they need to say i love u to each other and be together w/out c hurting b


Nate and Jenny?
Serena and Dan?
Blair and Dan?
will be cute.
Chuck and Vaness?
please no just friends.
Serena and Aaron?
Blair and Chuk?
Yay! GET-BACK-TO-GE-THER i mean seriously!.


jenny and nate! so adorable! love it also coz im getting bored of chuck and blair tbh... and serena, total snore-fest


Im a huge D&S fan however i think alot more needs to happen before thier relationship can really take off... The bar scene definately wasnt Blair! She's so above all that! CHuck is being ridiculous by asking her to say i love you first. He turned her down when she asked him to say it and broke her heart when he left her at the airstrip. I hope the d&s&b scene is second. Blair should def go the jealousy route and find some sexy boi to put in chucks face! I bet he'd put a stop to that REAL quick Just like he was acting when he thought she really cared about the LORD! TEAM BLAIR ALL DAY! p.s. I dont think im gonna like the jenny & nate match up... it seems... wierd...


So, CB won't work. I dislike them now.
I say Dan and Blair. Totally.


B is getting advice from Dan. LOL! He knows nothing about girls. He is still so adorable though.


I liked the scene with Dan, I like how B&D interact. I thought the scene with B&C was funny... and sad when he said he was bored and she ruined his pants. I tell you what... I would drop a drink in his lap and try to clean it given the chance.... hahhaaa....j/k. I thought it was funny! She is needing some action!


I don't think Blair is desperate. She just thinks too highly of herself and expects Chuck to bend down to her will just by showing up. She didn't even put any thought into her seduction and ended up looking like a fool. I'm glad Chuck rejected her cause that's an insult to him if she expects that she doesn't have to do any work in getting him. Besides, I really don't want them to get together yet. It's too soon. Once they get together now, by the end of the season they'll probably be breaking up. It's inevitable.


blair needs to get a fucking grip.


Completely agree with B+CAlways. . . Ive always thought B should be the one to say it first. . . Chuck needs reassurance, he needs to know that B feels the same way about him. . . Like I said before Chuck doesnt know how to love or how to be loved. . . No one has ever cared about him enough to tell him those three little words. . . Not even his own father who always finds a way to make Chuck feel like the lowest of the low. . . And the writers are wasting so much of Chucks potential on Vanessa. . . For gods sake he spent a day with her and he opened up to her in a way he never did with B despite the fact that hes always wanted her. . . I personally believe Chuck wanted her since the pilot. The writers always hinted at them being together. . .

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