Zeljko Ivanek Cast on Heroes

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Zeljko Ivanek, fresh off an Emmy Award for his supporting role on Damages, will be join Heroes later this season.

The actor will appear in a multi-episode arc as a character named the Hunter. Insiders say he'll be in charge of a man hunt on the season's second chapter, titled "Fugitives" and scheduled to begin in mid-January or February.

Zeljko Ivanek has the look of someone in charge, doesn't he?

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who is Hunter what about his past? is he among people in the picture? so let us know about is past.


He looks like and is just as sinister as John Malkovich when he wants to be. Superb bit of casting. You take one look at him in the episodes he's in so far and think "Psycho!!". I'm sure he's gonna be an even bigger monster than Sylar if the producers let him live.




they could have used Tommy Lee Jones.... wasn't he the marshall in The Fugitive?


he looks like very weary-like he's spent his entire career chasing fugitives...


If they plan to introduce new characters they better stay for a few episode arcs and not like the villains who just came and left.

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