90210 Spoilers: Who is Knocked Up?!?

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Huge 90210 news today from Kristin of E! Online. Let's get right to it!

I'm hearing that someone is pregnant on 90210, and it is someone who's already been having quite a rough time this season. This pregnancy storyline is indicative of a new direction for the show: to tackle issues that are relevant to both teens and adults today, the way the original series did.

Who do you think is preggers?

Hallway Flirting

Ethan and Annie are taking steps toward the bedroom. Might this result in a bun in her oven?

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Sarah who left the message on 12-23 is right. It has to be A. And Annie annoys me, just thought I'd put it out there... her character is annoying.


i heard that it is legitly adriana... and anyways in the last episode of 2008 she was complaining how every food she ate made her feel sick and then in the promo for the next episode in 2009 it shows adrianna looking in a mirror and feeling her stomach looking a little frantic... so its her.


Definitely Adrianna! Naomi is the obvious choice... but that's the point. It's TOO obvious! And Adrianna was vommitting and getting sick without having a reason. It just makes sense. And about matt's comment about it being Brenda... she wasn't the one going through a lot of crap.




it's brenda. she slept with Ryan.


its totally adriana. she kept throwing up and complaining she wasn't feeling well and there was no explanation as to her illness...


It has to be Adrianna. Why else would the smell of a hot dog make her vomit.


i think its naomi also.
it only makes since. i think it will be a great conflict.


i think adrianna


I think its silver for some weird reason...I think her and dixon is by far the best couple on the show

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.