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First, a brief programming note: This Thursday, November 27, ABC will be airing "Dream a Little Dream of Me" from 9-11 p.m. This was the Season Five premiere.

Next week, the show will return with a new episode, "All By Myself."

When we learn anything about the show's upcoming TV schedule, we post it in the box on our site's right-hand sidebar. We try to update this as much as possible!

On to the sneak peeks of "All By Myself." In case you were worried that Denny went away ... he's didn't. In fact, he's following Izzie wherever she goes! Watch for him in the clip below, in which Richard explains who's getting the big solo surgery and why ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/all-by-myself-sneak-preview-1/" title="All By Myself: Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

Follow the jump for a second clip of Alex kissing Izzie, much to Denny's chagrin. We also posted the preview of the episode that aired after last Thursday's show ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/all-by-myself-sneak-preview-2/" title="All By Myself: Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/all-by-myself-promo/" title="All By Myself Promo"] [/video]

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OMG this is soo stupid that Denny thing that I'll stop watching until he is gone never liked that storyline anyway. It was such a good show the first two seasons till the dennypart in S2 and then suddenly it is becoming so boring feel so sad for all those exceptional actors.


Salix, I agree with a lot of what you said - and for the record, when Denny died he was 36 (as per what Izzie states in an earlier Season 2 episode when she's talking about his condition during around), and the standard age for interns after medical school is usually 26-27, so there's probably a ten year difference. I didn't see all of the episode, so I'm still confused as to how they put Sadie under for the procedure. Did they get some anesthesia intern or something? It doesn't make sense to me. It seems that a lot of the punishments given here are probation, except for Cristina's little stint when she helped Burke during his tremors. When is someone actually going to lose their job, here? I love Izzie, but something should have happened there. And with these interns it's the same thing. Why aren't they severly punished for doing this? They stole supplies, they used an OR room when they weren't supposed to, they almost killed someone .. where's the crack down on this crap? Anyway, done rambling. I did love the second clip. Cracked me up.


samlaro--I'm all for McMilitary...Or Maybe McTriage (lol). I can't wait to see where the Owen/Christina storyline goes! Sooooooo much potential there. Good to see George and Izzie talking again too :) That second clip really made me laugh!!


The Denny scenes look great, how fun!! I dont care how ridiculous people think this storyline is, as long as I get to keep watching JDM on my tv than I will continue to watch! Love it!!

Mcdreamy is mine



I agree that Cristina's lack of teaching skills (to the interns) contributed to them starting the club. But as Cristina pointed out, they ALL had interns in that room. All five of the residents (our original five) weren't teaching the way they should have. And yes, Cristina was aware they were up to something, but all she knew about were the sutures and she told them to shut it down. And Cristina assumed they would, because she's scary for one, and because she thought they'd realize how stupid it was. There's no way Cristina could have made the leap from "they're making tiny cuts and putting in stitches" to "hey, let's take out an appendix". The interns should have far more punishment then they seem to be getting, especially Sadie. Lexie at least tried to back out of it before it went too far. But if I was the Chief, I'd have already kicked Sadie out of the program. As far as the age difference between Mark and Lexie, anyone who's done the math knows that age seems to fly out the window when it comes to Grey's hookups. Don't hate on Mark for doing basically the same thing Derek is doing, or that Addison and Alex did/Burke and Cristina did. For that matter, I'm willing to bet there was a decent age difference between Izzie and Denny. It doesn't mean we don't love the couples anyways. Sorry this is so long, just needed to rant!


WAHHAHAHA, everybody is overreacting. Just breath and relax! it's just a fictional soap.


Haha. I finally loved some Denny scenes, those are quite funny ;)
And I also loved George and Izzie talking!! RLLY TALKING!!!!
About time... But what I hate is Cristina being tortured like that.. screw you cief Webber, this is soo over the top..


Guys, I understand that we're all mad that Cristina doesn't get to do the first solo surgery. But she is mainly to blame for all of it. She was a horrible teacher!!! Never taught her interns anything except how to do charts! If she had never forgotten the chances Bailey gave her the previous year, the interns wouldn't have started the little club and there would be no need to do sutures on each other. I love Cristina, yes I do! But I can see that this came from her lack of teaching abilities. Which she actually isn't lacking, because she taught Mer how to do that one suture on grapes so she could use it with Hahn. She just chooses to ignore the interns and not teach them. So I think that Cristina's punishment is rightious. But if I were the chief, I would ask the interns to LEAVE the program. What Izzie did doesn't come close to what they did. She cut the LVAD wire to get Burke to get the heart and do the surgery. She didn't cut him open in an out-patient OR and then try to do the heart transplant herself! I think someone needs to do a news piece on that. Like ask interns how they would be punished and then ask the chief of that hospital how he would punish them. Would make us be thankful that Grey's has Chief Webber. lol!


Derek is an Attending, not a Resident. I thought I read somewhere there will be three solo surgeries- this may just be the first!

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