Blair Waldorf: The "Keeps Gettin' Better" Promo

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It's good to be Queen B.

Good looks, exquisite style, hilarious comments and deliciously devious behavior have made a fan favorite out of one particular Upper East Side female.

In a new promo, set to Christina Aguilera’s “Keeps Gettin’ Better,” the CW packs the best of Blair Waldorf - cat fights, scheming, sexy situations, trendy fashion, alternating hatred and love for Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) - into one 30-second clip.

It may not be quite as good as the Chuck Bass "Womanizer" spot, but this is one quality promo. Talk about the perfect soundtrack for Miss Blair ...

[video url="" title="Blair Waldorf: Gossip Girl Queen B (Keeps Gettin' Better Promo)"] [/video]

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I like this one, but i like Chuck's Womanizer promo muchh moree. :)


It looks great! Better than Womaniser I think...


I Like It...But Chuck's Promo With "Womanizer" By Britney Spears Is So Much Better. I Think Serena's Promo (If They Use One) Should Include The Song "Love Game" By Lady GaGa.


Why does it say January 5th at the end? Am i missing something? lol :)


Does anyone notices that new episodes will air until Jan 5? So "Oh Brother! Where Bart Thou?" its gonna be the last episode of this year :(... Call me crazy


OMG! i luv this promo!! but i think the chuck 1 is equal 2 this 1 they r both perfect!!!


OMG! i


sneak peeks sneak peeks sneak peeks??????????????


sneak peeks sneak peeks sneak peeks??????????????


my most favorite character!!!

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