Blake Lively and Penn Badgley Film a Scene

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Could a Dan-Serena reunion be in the works sooner than later? Penn Badgley puts his arm around co-star (and real-life girlfriend) Blake Lively while shooting an intense scene on the set of Gossip Girl Friday outside New York's Palace Hotel ...

Penn with Blake

DAPPER DAN: Penn Badgley, as Dan Humphrey, looks like he's consoling Blake Lively's character Serena van der Woodsen. [Photo Credit: Splash News Online]

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Dan and Vanessa? Blech. Same goes for Nate and Serena. Derena all the way...forever and ever. lol.


...derena forever,,,

Lara i love blake lively

ewww reallyy? Dan and Vannessa NNOOOOO
how do you no? when did she say this?
omg no i hate them together
D+S all the way


S and D do rock! No I like ryan and marssia too! ;) but S and D r way hotter and so much more chemisty! Sorry I love them! Tons of other peeps agree w/ me! Love them!! :)


According to Jessica there's gonna be some D and V.. But we don't know when And I don't like S and D x.x Sometimes its cute but Dan was always judging her I hope they wont take S and D for Ryan and Marissa, that couple was really annoying


Dan having sex with V??? Eeeeewwwww (gagging)


Penn has revealed in his recent Nov interview with CW11 that Darena is back in the horizon yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They have gone far away with the book.
No more Blair and Nate like the ones in the book. CHAIR is love. DERENA is my fave couple. BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!


Thank you For letting me know! And sorry for like repsting same comment am typeing this on my blackberry (cell) and not on my labtop so I didn't know that I already posted it more than once! I didn't relize someone answer my qustion so I sent another one! I feel like idiot! Thanks again so much! U guys rock on here! GG 4ever! I think S is V in the show! Haha I read the first book and when D was about to have u know wat w/ V she was taking his cloths off for him n that's what S was doing in the first season on the show too!! :) I still like S and D!! No V and D please! They don't any chemisty at all what so ever! Nate or chuck both seem to have it w/ blair!! :) I ll be happy w/ ethier one lol! Thanks again guys! Yall r awesome! I can't wait for the next couple esp coming up! I wounder how and D and S gonna hook back up!! Any ideas?? Ash


Do you know if D and S hook more than once in the books??? I know they didn't end up together at the end which is total sad! :( I started reading the books am about to be on 3rd one!! :) I really love D and S!! :) they so much better than C and B! Don't me wrong I like them togather too! I rather watch S and D scenes!! :) I think Blake Lively is amazing actress and total awesome!! Penn is cute and well awesome! Penn and Blake 4ever!!:) Love gg Ashley


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