Blake Lively: W Magazine Cover Girl

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Blake Lively is a starving artist.

“I’m hungry. You hungry? Let’s meet at Sant Ambroeus,” she tells W Magazine, by way of cell phone introduction. Within minutes, the Gossip Girl star arrives, stepping out of a taxi, an endless stream of legs and golden hair.

Blake Lively: W Magazine Cover

The pint-size ristorante in New York’s West Village is, on a Saturday afternoon, predictably packed with the type of diners who are too cool to freak out about the numero uno Gossip Girl but not so jaded that they don’t notice her.

Over the course of the next hour and a half, only a mother and her trembling 'tween daughter openly fawn over Blake Lively.

Sure, a guy at the next table chats her up, but that’s only because he needs to know if he should order the eggplant appetizer that the 21-year-old is digging into with gusto.

Follow the link to read the feature story on Blake - and click to enlarge the pics below!

Red, White and Blake!
Black and White Blake
Oh, Me, Oh, My!
Blake Lively: W Girl

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i hate this pictures !!!
her head its bigger than her body she looks like a Bratz Doll
UGH!!! very ugly Jessica its Sweeter & Beautifuler !!


What the hell is up with her arm is it like dislocated or something




she looks good! very adult. normally she looks like a sunny blond teen. here i think they are really try to make her look like a more intense serious adult. it def. works she looks great, just its not the most natural/common look for her.


gattina: i think ur totally right. i think she's starting to sound stuck on herself too.


I think Blake in real life is starting to get stuck on herself. Did you read the article?


Gossip junki, im pretty sure these photos ARE photoshopped. you can tell by looking. i think they overdid it, blake is beautiful naturally but they wreaked it by trying to make her too skinny and cleavage-y. the front cover look is not attractive.


I am disappointed that 'W' said Blake was the "buzziest" of the Gossip Girl crew. I think that Leighton Meester is! I


I am disappointed that 'W' said Blake was the "buzziest" of the Gossip Girl crew. I think that Leighton Meester is! I




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