Days of Our Lives Casting Shocker: Goodbye, Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn!

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Shocking news, Days of Our Lives fans:

Long-time stars Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn are the first casualties of the show's huge budget cuts

"The couple will be happily reunited after a long period of angst and separation and will be off-screen after January for an unknown period of time. It was a very tough decision to make," Executive Producer Ken Corday told Soap Opera Digest.

Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn

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I understand that money is tight and sacrifices have to be made but if you want to keed "Days Of Our Live" going for a long time, call back your ex actors and I mean Drake and Deirdre and work some kind of deal so they can have a story on what happened after John got hit by a car in October of 2007 to having John's memories erased and put on disc. You want your show to be the best one ever... PLEASE answer this request. you did say you wanted to rest the characters John and Marlena so make them return from Europe and then start slow from there.
"Days" is the best soap there is with th mosyt beautiful women ever. Do it and ratings will rise


While I am sad to see Deidre & John go, their story lines have been getting weaker for quite some time, which may or may not have that much to do with a falling economy. I would have disposed of Steve & Kayla before them, however. Years ago, Steve
& Kayla were less disturbing as a couple than they are now. I have watched DOOL since Feb., 66; I think that makes me a long-time fan. I LIKE Sami Brady/Allison Sweeney & I think the real
love scene with EJ was in the library, when she was crying & trying to be brave...he told her she didn't need to be brave for
him. This situation with Nicole couldn't be more perfect, her
miscarriage and all, as Sami & EJ belong together, inspite of
Stephano. But please, no recreation of Santos, Colleen and John's epic-while it was well-acted by all and sundry, once was enough. I don't like to be insulted by reissued storys. The budding romance(?) between Stephanie & Phillip is better than the dead one between her and Max Brady. Hope & Bo are a good team. Kudos to DOOL!


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Sonny: No Kiriakis has ever, ever accepted that premise.

Abe: Well maybe motherhood will mellow her.
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