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On the next new Pushing Daisies episode (airing on November 19), Ned gets to know his half-brothers in the most fun way possible: a magic show!

We'll recap the event in "Oh Oh Oh It's Magic" soon after the hour ends. For now, talk about the latest characters and developments in our Pushing Daisies forum...

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Good morning
Good site


I really love this show but, I'm going to start to rely on the spoilers. It's alomst like they want to cancel it.


But it would normally be on tonight?


Guys, they didn't air it for no reason. The reason they didn't air it is because the election was yesterday.


Aghh!! This is so stupid of ABC. They had the highest numbers last week and this week they just decide not to air it!!


Well since we can't watch the show, people should go to http://savedaisies.com/ and sign the petition to keep Pushing Daisies on the air.


I know! Because they had to move stinking Dancing With the Stars in today, and next week is the CMA's! What the heck??

Pushing Daisies Quotes

We're not lost. We're following the yellow thick hose.


Emerson: I'm Father Dowling. These are my associates: Father Mulcahy and Sister Christian.