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It's back.

Another eclipse overtakes the world of Heroes tonight. What does it mean for our supposed saviors?

As always, we'll recap the episode in the detail soon after it airs. In the meantime, discuss "The Eclipse Part 1"  in our forum...

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Sorry i meant canadian sneek peek of NEXT week!! And i took soo long goin over that too :( darn it! ;)


Well, I was hoping when all people lose their power, Peter, in the other hand, gain his power back.... hahahaha....


This eclipse better not last too long- i really want the heroes to get their powers back.


How long does this eclipse last? Why does it cover the whole north western hemisphere of the planet? Wow, this has veered way to far from science fiction into plain silly fiction!


Love this episode i cant wait till next week..


Best episode of the volume so far!


Such a good ep!!!!! Thank Jebus Elle and Sylar finally hooked up........ Claire must get her powers back next episode just in time to heal herself, I hope :)


This is going to be one of the best episodes of this season it already has a 10 score on TV.com I can’t wait till tonight… That a good shot of Peter and the Haitian… I love both of them …………….


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