Ed Westwick Signs Deal with K-Swiss

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Gossip Girl Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) just took another step in branding himself one of young Hollywood's most fashionable young fellas.

The British actor recently signed a deal to be the new face - or better yet, feet - of K-Swiss, according to E! Online. The Basshole would be proud.

At this very moment, Westwick, 21, is being shot in New York City for upcoming TV and print ads that will promote K-Swiss' iconic Classic shoe.

Ed Westwick Fashion

The ads will feature Ed Westwick holding tennis balls, rackets and guitars. For TV, he'll sing "Come Flash All You Ladies," a tune by his band, The Filthy Youth.

The campaign will launch in February. Says the source, "It's going to be very Brit cool, blending tennis and music." Other celebs who were considered for the campaign included Mark Ronson, Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and Ne-Yo.

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Hahahahhahaha...everyone is gonna give me trash for this but i dont care. He looks superbly GAY in that outfit. HAHAHAhHAHAHAAHAH


Oh, I look forward to seeing how they art direct the ads! Great celeb/product combo, Ed is perfect. Good job K-Swiss!


Ed, you are what I would call: PERFECTION!!!
I adore the Chuck Bass character too!!! So sexy! pitty Ed couldn't use his real accent though...he would be even more perfect!


the scarves for chuck past the diferent colors is for j .press the cost is for 175


I think i just fainted and got back up!! especially when i saw this handsome fox walking stylishly on the street in the photo!! hot handsome devil! *melts* Chuck// Ed will always be gorgeous and he'll sell those shoes like hot cakes! i assure you. Ed westwick rocks my world. literally. XD


aw.. that will be great! Can't wait see him in ad! Must be georgeous!


Can't wait to see the ads..
man if they put and advertisement in the street there's going to be alot of traffic! Lovehim!


I've never really liked K-Swiss.... But I might now!




they will be a quick seller because uh hello? do i even have to answer that? because he is Ed Westwick! The most seriously hottest guy and the fact that he is english (like me) will be a big seller!!!!

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