Gossip Girl Caption Contest 25

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Welcome to the 25th edition of the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

This week's winner is JustMyChuck (with an honorable mention to GGFreak).

Congratulations! Thanks to everyone for playing and submitting a record number of entries, many of which were very, very funny. Good luck again this week!

Serena and Cyrus

Serena: Aaron's a great guy, Mr. Rose.
Cyrus: Well he's sure done a number on you! I taught him everything he knows. I've always said, one girl is just "Not Enough!" It's our family motto. Now where's my hug?

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Aww, I won, yay!


Cyrus: so you must be Serena
Serena: how do know who i am ?
Cyrus: im Aaron's father
Serena: so does dating more the one girl at a time run in the family


Cyrus : Why hello, you must be serena
Serena : yes howd you know
cyrus : ohh well,, its just that Aarons been always talking about you
Serena : ya right get outta here(sarcastically)!!
Cyrus: ok well if you insist(leaves)


Serena: OMG IT'S VIZZINI. I loved you in the Princess Bride! Ok ok, I know people probably do this a lot but can I throw a line at you? Cyrus: *rolls eyes* Okay. Serena: *takes deep breath* MY NAME IS INIGO MONTOYA! YOU KILLED MY FATHER. PREPARE TO DIE! Cyrus: Vizzini didn't kill his father... Serena: Crap. Sorry, I only read like half of it. Well you were in Clueless too. Can I throw another line? Cyrus: Okay. Serena: Yes! Alright. *gets Valley Girl voice* I was surfing the crimson wave, I had to haul ass to the ladies! Cyrus: *thinking* Of course she'd get that movie right.


Serena: OMFG it makes sense
Cyrus: what where Aaron's boyish good looks came from
Serena: No, Well if your Aarons dad now I undertand where he gets his SHORT attention spand from.
Cyrus: Oh


Serena: Hi I'm dating your son
Cyrus: ohh your danielle?
Serena: No!
Cyrus: Oh dear im sorry im gettin old is it rebecca?
Serena: No! =[ Its Ss..
Cyrus: Sarah!!
Serena: Serena!
Cyrus: hmm he never mentioned a serena


cyrus: What!? i cant help it if i'm looking at your boobs. My eyes naturaly look ahead!


Serena: What did you say?
Cyrus: I won't hurt you, after all you slept with Dan. I think these arms can do better


Serena: "Hey kid! do you happen to see Blair?"
Cyrus: "duh! do i look like a kid to you?"
Serena: "aren't you!?


The Beauty and the hobbit.

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