Gossip Girl Caption Contest 27

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Welcome to the 27th edition of the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

This week's winner is chuckylover. Congrats! Honorable mentions go to enunciiate and iheartchuck. All of you sent in great ones, though. Great job.

Scroll down to see the winning entry and the full list of amusing captions submitted this week. Thanks for playing and good luck in next week's contest!

Dan Makes a New Friend

Dan: Wait, you're telling me one garbage bag can carry three dead cast members?
Guy: Yup, that's the power of Glad Bags!

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Dan: hey, do you have anything in those bags that will help me get my hot, ex-girlfriend back?
Dumpster Dude: what do I look like? A fucking genie?


Dumpster Dude: Wow, Blair was right, you are a loser.
Dan: Um...


hey LOVE,


D:*Gasp* I will Sing the RAPE song if you don't leave me alone! Poeple willnotice if I'm gone!!!
Random Man: God! What are you yelling about? I just asked you for the time!


Dan: So you mean to tell me that if I continue to act like a douchebag, I'll end up like you? Guy: Sounds about right.


Guy: So I have that information about Bart Bass you wanted, and this is some juicy stuff
Dan: okayy lemme see
Guy; Well look at these pictures I took of him with these young blonde girls, They cant be more than 16 && 17 or something.they are kinda hot though
Dan; OMG Serena..Jenny?!


Dan: A waistcoat and a man-bag, and you could look like me!


Random Guy: Give me your jacket punk. It doesn't match your shoes and bag.


Guy: Wow look at that hot blond haired girl
Dan: where?
Guy: over their, talking to the guy with the bangs
Dan: omg thats my sister... JENNYYY!!


Guy: Wow look at that hot blond hairded girl
Dan: where?
Guy: over their, talking to the guy with the bangs
Dan: omg thats my sister... JENNYYY!

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