Gossip Girl Spoilers: Battle For Bass Industries

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A little Gossip Girl spoiler / news item from E! Online's Q&A this morning ...

Q: How about some more news on the Gossip Girl funeral? Also, I'm tired of rebellious Jenny. (Snore.) Will they stop with that?

A: I forget your first question, but for starters, Bart Bass' brother, Jack Bass, who is only 30, will be introduced and is up to no good trying to get control of Bass Industries. As for Jenny, she will return to school but her feisty ways are far from over... She'll jump right back into her feud with the mean girls. P.S. I, for one, love all the Little J craziness!

Bart and Chuck Bass

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dude, gotta luv chuck and all he comes with. enough said.


So if im right chuck bass was born on may 19th?? so that would make him a taurus. an he is definitely not by standard reliable, trustworthy, faithful and sweet... c´mon are you kidding me hes nothing like my BF who was born the same day.


lol nadien ur so right!!


The photo of Chuck and Bart looks like some PSA about talking to your teenagers about using contraceptives.


I think Vanessa is the one that dates Jack because I rember the older guy she might date? That might be him!


Omg! I just had the wildest idea, what if Jack Bass would have thing for Blair?... Wouldnn't that burst Chuck's great big bubble? and Blair with an older guy, not to mention Chuck's uncle... DRAMA!


Okay Jenny and the mean girls? How does Jenny get a 2nd chance at Contance anyways? She has a lot of catching up to do not to mention fighting can get her expelled for good. Just a thought.


haha well from what i remember coz i saw it on the computer the story was something like ever since charlie was little he never had a birthday party, never any lego at the foot of his bed. all he got was a deposit into his savings account. then something about his dad or something like that. it was something along those lines but i know there was a little bit more. it was really hard to read!


Desmond Harrington is going to play jack bass


Hey GGII - Chuck hasn't had his 18th b-day yet. I was wondering that myself, as he'll be an orphan (omg) when his dad croaks. In last Monday's episode, Dan handed Bart his story entitled 5/19/91, which I think means that's the day Chuck was born? By the way, did anyone get to read the beginning of Dan's story that Bart was holding in his hands? It was all blurry to me on the screen - I wanna read it!

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