Gossip Girl Spoilers: Lily & Rufus, a Hot New Teacher & More

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Kristin Dos Santos' weekly Q&A on E! Online has some interesting Gossip Girl spoilers and news items. Tell us what you make of the following ...

Q: Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl! Please dish now!

A: As you know, young Lily van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey were adorable and in love, but they didn't end up together. Why? The CW declined to comment, and Warner Brothers insists "There is nothing to confirm," but I'm told ... I’m told there is a Gossip Girl webisode series in the works that will explain what really happened to Lily and Rufus when they were 19, and we'll see the ramifications in the present day. From what I can tell it has to do with Lily's time in the sanitorium, but her confinement bears no resemblance to the reason for Eric van der Woodsen's institutionalization. If Lily was crazy back then, it was only because of hormones and hunger. Thoughts?

Lily van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey

Q: What can you tell us about the Gossip Girl death. Is it Bart?

A: That's not a bad guess! Examine these two interesting facts:

- Something clears the way for a Lily and Rufus reunion.

- Jack Bass (30-year-old brother of Bart) comes into the picture and tries to take over the company.

By the way, I'm told that the funeral episode, "O Brother, Where Bart Thou," which airs December 8, is one of the best episodes of the series and will leave you sobbing.

Q: On Gossip Girl, who is the new hot teacher? And who will she hook up with?

A: They still haven't cast her. (Lauren Graham, Rebecca Romijn, send your resumes!) But I'm told she will be a significant part and will be young, so she likely will be sinking her cougar claws into some hot young boy toy on the Upper East Side.

Q: Do you know where I can get Serena's outfit from the Thanksgiving episode of Gossip Girl?

A: I don't, and if I did I wouldn't tell you, mostly because no one outside of Blake Lively can pull off a skirt that short!

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i think the hot teacher is for nate, not dan, i dont like aaron so i hope D n S will soon be together, and i hope there's miracle that actually bart didnt die in that accident, one day he'll appear and reveal the conspiracy behind it,


I hope the fact that you are all guessing the hott teacher is for lonely boy ends up being the reason why she is not. It's funny that you are saying it would be too expected from everyone else, but it is too unexpected if it was Dan, and therefore very predictable. You all give good reasons, but as it has been mentioned, Dan and S will rekindle the old flame - or at least we all hope they do. Aaron is just way too boring of a guy, despite the attempts to make him more interesting (such as his art, and relationships). We just do not care for him.


The death is def. Bart Bass, because if you watch the picture slide show "the funeral", you see chuck acting a-wall and the only death that would make chuck (the master of all things sinical) that emotional, would be his fathers.


After the death of Bart you could only hope for a relationship between Rufus and Lily...but what about S and D... As of right now S is with A....but how long will that last? And how to deal with the N and V hook up... I was totally rooting for J.. Oh well, I sense a lot of heartbreaks coming up!


I think Bart is going to die. THe reason lily was in the hospital place was probably because she was pregnant with rufus so she had an abortion but then it kinda made her go crazy and im pretty sure the teacher is gonna have the hots for dan because obviously nate isnt going down that road again plus chuck is busy with blair so...


Lily being crazy because of hormones and hunger sounds like anorexia, not pregnancy.
I agree that it's time the girls had some options.


ok, aaa, i think i understand what your saying.
nate doesn't scheme, that's true, but i just think that's part of his personally and doesn't really relates to how he feels about blair. i mean i don't think he'd scheme if he really loved her just as he wouldn't scheme if he didn't. that's just not how he acts.
but i think that's why chuck and blair are better, because they are the same, so they get each other!
anyway, sorry my posts are so long, i just keep remembering new things to right...


I haven't read the books so that V & A comment was all me :P Aaron is soo lame, I despise him. I don't know what Serena sees in him.
B & N don't have the amazing chemistry B & C do. Nate is "pretty" boring. The only interezting thing he's done uptill now is stand up to his parents! The manwhore thing wasn't too bad either lol.


okay that comment was wayy long lol x3 but anyway.. its pretty much true that ALL nate, blair and chuck have ALL hurt eachother heaps of times. yes nate has hurt blair but chuck has hurt blair just as much. i cant be bothered listing all the times of both character, but we all know anyway. i think the difference is that chuck intentionally set out to hurt blair, but nate's was more spur of the moment things. that's what i meant by saying that he didn't interntionallly hurt her. chuck dileberately sets out to hurt her (in the x-files, at the debutante ball, telling serena blairs anser to yale) but nate just doesn't think about what hes doing. that's the reason i think chuck might not be too good for blair. as for the books, i know they're different (well, obviously) but you know what's really funny is in the books Aaron and Vanessa actually do get together! i laughed when i read those comment coz it does happen, but i dont think it will in the series. and i have a feeling that they will eventually revisit nate and blair in the series, after all the chuck stuff. :)

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