Gretchen Rossi is a New, Real Housewife of Orange County

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The Real Housewives of Orange County viewers met a new cast member on last night's season premiere.

Gretchen Rossi is 30 years old and engaged to a man named Jeff. Here's what we know about the latest spoiler reality TV star:

  • She admits that she isn't attracted to Jeff, but he's 23 years older and buys her nice things;
  • Is an admitted party girl;
  • Jeff as four children and acute Leukemia; the combination frightens Gretchen, who isn't sure if she's ready for motherhood;
  • Gretchen met the other Housewives through realtor Jeana Keough.
Gretchen Rossi Picture

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I feel that Gretchen is the best one on the show. Everyone else seems to be really jealous of her. Sorry for your lost and I wish you the best luck at everything you do. I would greatly appreciate an autographed picture of you. My address of 2 1/2 Medes Place, Cortland NY 13045


tamara and vicki are the meanest of the meanest! these two are jealous because they are worn out and getting old.gretchen is gorgeous and they are fake, fake, and fake! vickie is a bich to her husband and tamara has baby after baby to keep hers, she doesnt even work, so why do u think she holds on to simon? i hope we dont see her or that ugly vickie on the next season!


Don't hate her becuase she's beautiful! I think she is who she is and how many wouldn't do the same thing given the oppertunity? I hope the best for Gretchen and I hope all her dreams come true!


Good grief, leave gretchen alone, she is young & beautiful and seems to have a good heart. The others are backstabbing witches who wish they were her....and Tamera? She trips me out, she acts like a high school girl who is jealous of everybody. Take her off the show & keep Gretchen


Gretchen you give the show flaver, sex appeal, stlye, and a silly style that we all need from day to day to make life pop. I love your super SILLY style you have made the show one of my favorite wives shows to watch. Please don't let what some of these old bitter women say get you down keep up the good work. Remember HATERS will always hate because they want to be like you.


Hi gretchen my name jasmine I live in Indianapolis,IN. I Just wanted you to know that You are so sweet,cool and down to earth. You was my favorite during the show. My friends and family were like shouldn't You be watchin Housewives of ATL....LOL. Anyways It hurt me to learn the news of your lost because I knew how much you cared. I know how sorrow feels from my personal experience. So I just really wanted you to know how that I was thinking about you. Take care and stay beautiful. **Remember to always SHAKE THOSE HATERS OFF** (Smile)


I love Gretchen. What is her myspace? Why is everyone hating on her? All women are whores. We get with guys for rings,money,etc. and then when they leave you, it won't hurt as much.


Surprising to hear that Gretchen wears heels 'all the time'. So do PROSTITUTES. Need we say more? Go back into your little cave you unpleasant gold digger.


Wow, this Gretchen woman is an embarrassment to all women everywhere. She has singlehandedly taken women back 100 years with her antics and self centeredness. Not only is she a complete PHONEY, she has taken this poor man for a ride for his money. She is nothing more than a HOOKER. She is disgusting and ridiculous. I would not want anything to do with her low class self. IN her blog she speaks about not hiding 'underneath makeup'. What the HELL is she wearing if it's not TOO MUCH MAKEUP?! Can't stand this bitch. Hope her 15 minutes will be gone SOON. I don't like any of these women, but this one has got to go!


GRETCHEN...Here's a question for ya...If Jeff only made $100,000 per year,(still way above the U.S average for income) would you have "fallen in love with him" and stood by his side and nursed him like you did? If you took away all his money, do you think he would've even bothered to give him the time of day?