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Grey's Anatomy Photos From "Rise Up"

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The controversial firing of Brooke Smith (Erica Hahn) has dominated Grey's Anatomy news in the last 48 hours, and tomorrow night's episode, "Rise Up," will be her last.

The promotional photos below don't contain any Callica action, and the resolution (if any) of that story line remains to be seen. But there are some good pictures below.

Sneak previews to follow later in the day. Click to enlarge any of the pics ...

  • Cute Grey
  • In the Shadows
  • Karevens
  • Sloan and Yang
  • Operational
  • Karev and Yang
  • The Mer Stare
  • Doctor Karev
  • Lexie is Pumped

There's plenty more after the jump ...

  • Dr. Sloan
  • Drs. Yang and Grey
  • Alex and Meredith Picture
  • Flying Solo?
  • Izzie Mulls it Over
  • Izzex
  • That's Gotta Sting
  • That Smiling Face
  • More Isobel
  • Lexie and Friends
  • Doctor Stevens

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    To the Caption Contest for this week:

    "Damn all those Dead People"
    "Rock, Paper, Scissors... Denny or Alex?"


    what did the guys mean by single malt scotch girl comment regarding cristina??


    george doesn't appear much because he became ill when learning about brooke smith being fired form the show. too ill to film many scenes. that is according to an article i read.


    I want more George, he is my favorite. I only love Izzie with George so if she doesn't have scenes with him, she can vanish. I want more MerDer too.


    there are too many characters in the show already..that's why we are not getting enough scenes from our favorite, original characters!..=(


    no MERDER again?!!..can't there be more scenes from our favorite couple? they should change the title of the's no longer GRey's anatomy...and I'm hating it!


    more MER DERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    yeees more mereder
    they are being sooo left out
    I want sexy funny merder!


    MORE MERDER!!!!!


    yeah, George gets enough crap time on the show anyway, ( maybe little much Izzie) but i mean NOOO DER! SERIOUSLYY!

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