Heroes Caption Contest XLVIII

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We'd like to thank every reader that submitted an entry to this week's Caption Contest.

The winner was easy to select, however, as "P.J." referenced one of our favorite celebrity gossip mavens, Kim Kardashian. See how by checking out the winning caption directly underneath the photo.

Scroll down to see the other funny options, as well. Thanks again for playing and please do so every week!

Hiro, do you really think Kim Kardashian's butt is the 9th Wonder of the world?

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Ando: No, Hiro. The Hulk is green. The Flash is red.
Hiro: You confuse me deeply.


Hiro: My face is NOT that round!


Ando: PORN!


Ando: "SWM-Boy Trapped in a Mans body is looking for someone to play with at the Neverland Ranch. Must love animals and not be afraid to so affection. Please be discrete."
Hiro: Can We Play Ando????


Ando: I am NOT helping you go to the bathroom...aren't you ten?


Ando: Yes, Hiro... My hair has always looked a nesting pigeon.


Ando: Are you sure these comics ALWAYS show the future? Because there is NO WAY I'm gonna sleep with Angela Petrelli!!!


Ando: Cheer up Hiro, it says you won't be irrelevant forever!


Ando: It saids here we get a hooker
Hiro: I will do it for the fate of the world


Ando: IT saids here me get a hooker
Hiro: i will do it for the fate of the world

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Hi. I'm here to save you.


I'm back.

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