Heroes to Welcome One Tree Hill Star and More!

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So... Daphne can't walk on her own, Sylar hearts Elle and Mohinder has really creepy skin.

Those are among the developments we discovered on last night's episode of Heroes. But what's to come? Kristin from E! Online has a few answers:

  • One Tree Hill actress Moira Kelly will come aboard in the role of Abby Collins, a Homeland Security agent, in at least one episode of the show's fourth volume.
  • Dan Byrd (of Aliens in America) has a recurring role in that volume, title "Fugitives." His character will be named Luke, as he goes on the road with Sylar, seeking adventure and excitement. We don't portend a happy future for anyone that tries that.
  • Claire won't die. In an upcoming episode, she becomes the focus of a major showdown between good and evil.
  • We hope you enjoy the romance between Parkman and Daphne while you can. One of these characters won't last the season.
Daphne Picture

According to rumors, Daphne may soon be facing more trouble than a pair of useless legs.

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Do they have to kill all the soft and tender moments on this show. Does Clare have to be the alpha female.


awww man i can't decide if i'd be sadder if matt or daphne left! and this new guy, luke. poor him. he's screwed.


I have no doubt that is Daphne leaving. Sorry Linda but you just going have to build a Brigde and get over it!!!


I wish Parkman would die! He's boring! I like Daphne better!


Please please please let it be Daphne leaving!!! Don't kill off Matt (although if he stays this much of a sap for much longer I won't miss him, but I'll miss Greg).

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[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

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