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Jennifer Westfeldt to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

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One of Seattle Grace's finest may soon be kissing Jessica Stein.

Or something. According to Entertainment Weekly, actress Jennifer Westfeldt (of Kissing Jessica Stein and Notes from the Underbelly fame) is coming on board Grey's Anatomy.

She'll be featured in a multi-episode story arc later in Season Five.

Fortunately, having just added the amazing Melissa George as intern Sadie, the show isn't adding yet another doctor to its already crowded rotation of surgeons and their subordinates. Jennifer Westfeldt is only coming to Seattle Grace as a patient, according to reports.

Jennifer Westfeldt

If history is any indication, she might fall in love with one of her docs. Then she may die, but why let that slow her down? She can always come back as a ghost later on.

Okay, just kidding. We have no idea if that's true at all, it was just a bad attempt at humor on our part. Either way, we're looking forward to seeing Jennifer on the show.

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@Jimbow Bowen - Izzy's MOM? So in other words, she had izzy when she was 9?! She's 40 and Katherine Heigle is 31. She definitely looks her actual age, since she probably hasn't had vast amounts of botox but GEEZ. What an insult. Let's say she had Izzy at age 19, still pretty young - Does she really look 50 years old? Poor Jennifer!


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I know who she should play and might be playing..... IZZIE'S MOM!!!!!!! Think about it. she's so pretty, looks kinda like Izzie, and izzie's mom is the only mom besides alex's and derek's who we haven't seen. They've mentioned her so many times in the past. AND itll help give a streak of that old grey's i love. The first 3 seasons helped us define these characters... and I miss that part of the show. All they hav noiw is mor and mor drama.... I feel like nothing gets resolved on the sho anymor... I feel like we've lost who these characters r.... there's smthng indescribable that used to b on the show that's jus missing now. I'm sorry I got so off topic. its jus been on my mind.


"If history is any indication, she might fall in love with one of her docs. Then she may die, but why let that slow her down? She can always come back as a ghost later on."
hahahaha that was funny.
I like the idea of her as a love interest for sloan, if he wasn't about to get it on with Lexie.
Watever. I just want to see more of MerDer and the original cast. Maybe less Denny but I am seriously intrigued about where the story will go. Im thinking it might lead up to Heigl's departure...hope not cause she is one of the originals and I hate it when they leave...
I dunno, maybe this new patient is for George *looks around* but where is he?? :P


aww i really hope that she is sloan's long-awaited love interest that's more than sex....i want him to fall in love so badly!


I am fine if it is a patient, the show needs patients, and I am hoping George is her doctor too, and it gives him something to do.


Keep bringing in Characters!! The show is perfect just the way it is! I am hooked on what might happen next. And btw...Jessica is said to be a patient coming in..and if they didn't bring in new actors as patients then what would the crew at SGH do everyday???


STOP IT. STOP BRINGING IN NEW CHARACTERS! The cast is already bloated as it is and the writers are dealing with so many people as it is! We never get to see enough screen time of each of the characters we love, just deal with the characters you have now! Stop bringing in new people! Its like if everyone's not sleeping around with new people, you have to bring in new characters and frankly its really tiring. I love greys but if this keeps up.. I really don't know. Its lost so much from its earlier seasons already!

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