Katherine Heigl Greets Justin Chambers

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Katherine Heigl greeted Grey's Anatomy co-star and sort-of on-screen boyfriend Justin Chambers at her 30th birthday dinner at L.A.'s Rose restaurant Monday.

Both are happily married to others, of course (Katherine to singer Josh Kelley and Justin to former modeling agent Keisha, with whom he has five children), but it's always neat to see our favorite cast members hanging out as friends together off the set ...

Justin Chambers and Katherine Heigl

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yeah george and Izzie, I miss them on the show. Boo his to Ale and Izzie, I hate them but I do love Justin, and hope he is not sick again.


i really love alex and izzie together. enough of denny please.


Thanks for the TR and Katie photos, TR looks so amazing with those glasses. Hmm Justin does look really bad. I hope he is not exhausted again like last time.


wow justin looks like shit


A little, yes. We're short-staffed due to the holidays, but post a link or send it to us via the Contact Us form and we'll add the other photos you're talking about!


OK so you didn't post any of the TR and Katie photos from last week shopping or the ones from Monday of them at the movies, but you post those ones. You are kind of late on things, are you?


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