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On Monday's episode of Gossip Girl, "There Might Be Blood," Jenny decided to go for broke and launch a "guerilla" fashion show for her line, called J Humphrey Designs.

As Jenny's cohorts hijacked a projector and played a loud, edgy music video, a team of models dressed in her trendy designs pranced around a fancy NYC charity gala.

Now, the CW has posted the very music video it created (and played) to promote J Humphrey Designs on the show - featuring shots of Jenny, Agnes and friends.

The song is "Calypso" by Blonde Acid Cult. Check out the video below ...

[video url="" title="J Humphrey Designs"] [/video]

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i just think little j's being a teenager.. probably why she can change overnight


I personally like the clothing line, and the vid is wway trendy.
Yeah, ill admit that it is a tad odd how it went from cutsie little Jay-wear to extreme retro-ocity...but its chillin. For those of you who dont like it and think no one would wear that kind of clothes in jus dont have the cahonays.


Jenny Humphrey designs are FRIKIN AMAZING!!!
its more daring than H&M. :p
it would be a good idea to sell stuff like that.
other clothing lines [eg, avril's] are all holding back.
this ones crazy xD it would totally work.


I could imagine Eleanor smirking relieved little J is out of her hands. Too bad for Jenny, her earlier works looks like they were merely flukes.


I don't really like her clothing, it's a bit over the top and it reminds me of her bratty attitude.


what is the name of the actual song for jenny humphrey's fashion show?


At this point I see Agnes going farther with her career then little J. Agnes is crazy but atleast she is more interesting. LOL!


i hate those clothes and the models
what happened to the things she used to make like serena's black dress ?
if it were up to me i wouldve thought thats the end of her career


as eleanor waldorf said- "i hate the american apparel effect." shabby-chic is one thing i guess, but those girls look like they could use a shower and a hairbrush =p


I thought it was a great show, but being a young designer myself its not really my style I prefer the Classic clean look not the whole Trashy image!
But hasnt her designs changed, like from that gorgeous green dress to the whole trashy looK!

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