Kevin McKidd Discusses Dr. Owen Hunt, Grey's Anatomy

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There's a new badass at Seattle Grace, and his name is Major Owen Hunt. You may have noticed. Kevin McKidd's Army surgeon character returned Thursday, and certainly shook things up.

So how long is he staying and what is in the works for Owen and Cristina? E! Online visited the set to get the word on that from Kevin McKidd himself....

According to McKidd (and as we saw in "Life During Wartime"), the arrival of Major Hunt is a shock to Seattle Grace's system, since after years of doing battlefield medicine, he doesn't play by the rules of a cosmopolitan teaching hospital like theirs.

"These Army trauma surgeons... Their methods in the field are improvised and not by the book," McKidd said of his brilliant but rough-around-the-edges character. "Hunt deals with stuff on the hoof and uses stuff he has around him to fix stuff."

Life During Wartime

As we saw in the Season Five premiere, Dr. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Hunt may have somethin' brewing. According to McKidd:

"There's something ... a little flame growing there between him and Cristina. I don't think it's going to be a simple journey for those two, but there's something definitely going on. We don't know if it's going to be a smooth road or a rocky one."

What kind of challenges will Cristina and Hunt face if they take each other on? McKidd said: "The thing that's interesting is that she's damaged in that way because of her past experience. He's not the most together guy because he's just been in a war zone for the last three years of his life. So I think maybe there'll be some healing going on between the two of them."

Will McKidd be part of the Grey's Anatomy cast, long-term? According to the man himself:

"It's exciting to be thrown into such an established group and strong characters, strong-minded characters. And this guy Owen Hunt is very strong-minded and very dedicated to what he's doing and the job. He's pretty damaged, so he wants to keep a distance from people I think. It's going to be interesting to see what that adds to the chemistry of the show."

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I love Owen Hunt! He is a tortured soul that loves Cristina! The PTSD story is a serious one because it deals with an ugly but real illness that many of our military has to deal with. I look forward to Owen learning to deal with these demons and Cristina/Owen learn to manage the PTSD and keep their love strong. As for the stupid triangle, hope it ends soon - this was definitely a mistep and character of Teddy is horrible. What needed to be addressed with Cristina's career vs love issues and Owen's PTSD could have been dealt with out this ridiculous triangle! Just saying!


Mcfugly. He is one of the fugliest guys on the show. Not to mention he is an ass. If I was Cristina I would've gone with Jackson Avery. Much hotter and much less controlling


when will they get rid of this emo-ridden carrot top... with so many episodes of him slowly descending to madness (stuck in his nightmare of a loop) I hope he doesn't take any other characters when they remove him. Won't be too soon as far as I'm concerned. Should call him McCrazy


I think that he should be called mcarmy becouse lets face the fact he was a army docter and he is so sexy so lets just leave his name what it sjould be unless anybodys go better names for this sexy docter.


G.I Joe obviously.
It fits perfectly. Even meredith used it in the season


We need a name for him. Come on Shonda give us something. We have McDreamy, McSteamy....what's the name for hunt?


I'm guessing we'll have some major testosterone filled clashes! lol...exciting!


i wonder whats going to happen in the rest of the shows wiht him and McDreamy and McSteamy? exited to see


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