A Look Only Ed Westwick Can Pull Off

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Blue cats’-eye sunglasses? Check.

Blue aviator jacket? Check.

Super Friends t-shirt? Check.

Cable knit vest with a shawl collar (bottom button undone, natch)? Check.

Here's a photo of Ed Westwick, looking like only Ed Westwick can and still be super-cool, from the Ray Ban launch party he attended with pals Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley and Blake Lively the other night. Ladies, try to contain yourselves ...

Ed Westwick: Stylin'

ONE COOL CAT: Chuck Bass would never be mistaken for such an alternative, hipster type, but the Gossip Girl character's real-life alter ego certainly pulls it off.

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omg, hes more than hot o.o


all i can say is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


On the show Ed wore alot of bright, patterned, pastel, coloured fabrics (more so in season 1) In season 2 he seams to be wearing alot more darker maturer clothing like darkish jackets with matching trousers, this is probably due to his current standing on the show; but personally i'm really looking forward to seeing him back in action wearing his spontaneous collection of illuminous adidas trainers, whenever that will be...!


The CW Awards (VOTEN)
Best Actor!!!!! Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl http://www.eonline.com/uberblo...


classic indie English style !
:) x


i totally SUPER DUPER love HIM!!!! like Ed's style soooooooooooo much...


i think only ed knows how to wear so ridiculous sunglasses :D sexxayy!


so agree with kathy..
don't you know if there's any award to the best couple ever?
because they'll win it with no doubt!!!!!


I love Ed when he is with Blair. They bring out the best and sometimes the worst in each other. When they are in the same scene together they give off this energy, spark and intensity. The smoldering looks they both give each other is beyond words. But this last episode was amazing! They don't even have to speak and can say volumes with their eyes and gestures! Damn I love Chair!!!!!!!


seriously i don't mind the outfit its the sunglasses that are killing me. The only reason he doesn't look ridiculous is being he's so confident (besides i've always been partial to guys that stand out)

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