A Look Only Ed Westwick Can Pull Off

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Blue cats’-eye sunglasses? Check.

Blue aviator jacket? Check.

Super Friends t-shirt? Check.

Cable knit vest with a shawl collar (bottom button undone, natch)? Check.

Here's a photo of Ed Westwick, looking like only Ed Westwick can and still be super-cool, from the Ray Ban launch party he attended with pals Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley and Blake Lively the other night. Ladies, try to contain yourselves ...

Ed Westwick: Stylin'

ONE COOL CAT: Chuck Bass would never be mistaken for such an alternative, hipster type, but the Gossip Girl character's real-life alter ego certainly pulls it off.

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sooooo hot!
Im in love with you, ED


i'm his biggest fan, i love him,,
But is he Fatter?!


bloody hell he is so damn hottttt
even though the outfit is horrible by itself he can pull it off soooo well


i'm chace fan, but...omfg,he's hot!!!!


as much as i LOVE ed westwick.. those glasses look horrible
they remind me of some old lady drag queen
sorry ed! i love you though...




This guy just has "it." Just like the hug on Monday's show...sometimes there are no words necessary.


Sexy back!


I personally think he is hotter than Penn & Chace. Ed! I am so in love with you!


hes so beautiful!! im so in love with him lol... love his style :D

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