An Interview with Kristy Joe Muller

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Sadly, Kristy Joe Muller was the latest casualty on Rock of Love Girls: Charm School.

One of our favorite former Bret Michaels' suitors was eliminated from the show Sunday night. In a new interview with VH1, the booted contestant speaks on what she learned from the series:

Did you learn anything on the show?
I did. You wouldn’t think that these shows could teach you anything, but they have a way of bringing out your weaknesses and you do learn things about yourself. I actually did end up going back to school.

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Why did everyone else fall in to Lacey's clutches?
Alcohol. I think there was some other beef before with Lacey. I know that Heather and Lacey’s stemmed from outside of the show. There’s a lot of drama between them. But something came out during the show that made me have a lot of compassion for Lacey. She’s struggling.

I think she takes a lot of anger out on other people because she doesn’t know how to deal with it. We had a moment where she broke down and I got to see the real her. My problem with her before that was that I knew that her manipulation was just for fun or to f*** with people, but that’s just not right. Be yourself and people will actually like you.

Here are a few memorable shots of Kristy Joe, courtesy of her Rock of Love and Playboy days. Click on each for larger versions...

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